Monday, April 30, 2007

Brothers and Sisters: 1x20

Brothers and Sisters
Bad News

(You'll notice no "basics" for B&S. The show's only had 20 episodes... I don't have my basics down yet. Other than one: Please make me a Walker.)

Amy Abbot's a slut.

(If you didn't watch Everwood, you have no idea how disturbing it was to hear Emily VanCamp's character, Rebecca, say the word "whore" and tell a man (seductively, I might add) twice her age, "I don't have to go..." after he kissed her. What would Ephram say!? Seriously, someone get Gregory Smith on the phone.)

Okay, we can move on, I just had to get that off my chest.

So... for my money (and keep in mind, I don't have a lot), Brothers and Sisters is the best new drama of the season. I mean, you've got Sybil/Gidget, Sloane from Alias, the aforementioned Amy Abbot, Ally McBeal, a member of the Brat Pack and a whole host of newbies and other scene makers and stealers. Not to mention, it's funny, heartfelt and deals with real emotion. If you want more from a show, you're a TV glutton and Kevin Spacey is coming after you.

As it stands, I'm totally in love with each and every member of the Walker family (especially Justin). Ok, so Saul creeps me out a little, (I keep waiting for him to bust out some Rambaldi prophecy and abduct Tommy back to SD6) but I can deal because the dynamic of this family is completely intriguing. I love the diversity of opinions, lifestyles, humors, issues, etc., but what I enjoy most is that, through those things, we get an actual, true to life picture of what it's like to be part of a family.

Screw the Cleavers and the Reeds.

My favorite scenes on this show are dinner table/family party scenarios. When all of the Walkers inhabit the same space, several things occur: fighting, embarrassment, drinking, hugging, laughing, and my favorite - complete and total chaos. Now, who can't relate to that?

There were no Walker Clan activities this week (next week is showing promise), but we're on the setup for several things:

1. Rebecca wasn't exactly honest about the situation with Joe. Not sure whether to believe she's freaked out, insecure and scared, or just a manipulative beeyotch (Amy would be so upset with her), but either way, it's all about to hit the fan. And I'm sorry, I love Sarah, but she's a little self-righteous. Joe was wrong, but she hasn't exactly been on the up and up. Not that either of them has an excuse...

2. Seriously? Holly's going to try and steal another man from Nora?

3. Kitty proposed (a la Lorelai) to Robert. He loves her. She loves him. They'll get engaged... just in time for some HUGE secret to screw it all up.

4. Halfway through the season, Justing got a 6 month reprieve from Iraq so he could get clean. Time's a tickin' for our boy. (By the way, I'm still pissed we didn't get an ending for Reunion.)

5. There's a Walker party next week. If you could see me right now, I'd be grinning at the thought.

I know that wasn't really a thoughtful, provocative look at tonight's episode, but come on... you're expecting a lot from me for a Sunday night.

P.S. I offer up an apology to my husband. He's out of town and requested a new blog to read because he's "bored." Sadly, he's not exactly a fan of B&S (he'd probably just call it BS), so this will not appease him.

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Sarah said...

I just got into watching B&S a couple of weeks ago. I really don't know why I didn't watch it sooner because if I could have a celebrity mom I would choose Sally Field. I was explaining the whole story of Rebecca and Joe to my mom. I'm pretty excited to see Nora kick some 50-something ass next week.

I really want to catch up and watch the other episodes. Sometimes I wish work was just optional, then I could finally catch up with my television.

Heroes tonight!