Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How was YOUR summer?

God, I love this show.
(Season 4 Tease)

1. Pam!
2. Ryan?
3. Good to know, Karen. No, like... really, good to know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love lamp.

Don't expect personal pictures to become the norm here at There's Proof (so ignore me and look at the blonde), but tonight I met Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery (Angela and Meredith) from THE OFFICE!! And if you've ever read this blog before, you know how obsessed I am with that show... so I had to share pictures and details!

The fortuitous event occurred after seeing talk on Angela's MySpace about a show at IO West - an improv theater in Hollywood - that does "Inside the Improvisers Studio," where they sit down with an improv artist and talk about the craft, how they got there, etc. And tonight's guest happened to be the lovely Angela Kinsey - tickets were only $5 - I was SO there!

And it was fantastic! First off, the woman is TEENY TINY. Like an inch shorter than me and with the smallest body frame you've ever seen. Seriously, like a size 12 at Abercrombie Kids. But she was SO funny and SO cute - Southern accent out in full force. She said lots of funny things, so I wouldn't even know where to start, and most of you only care what she said about The Office, so...

(No spoilers unless you haven't seen Season 3 - and not a very big one at that.)

She talked about getting cast in the role (she read first for Pam, "I know, everyone's like, 'What, you can't be Pam!'") and how her character has grown... about Rainn Wilson being her first on-screen kiss and the funny outtakes of that particular Dwangela scene we didn't see in the episode. And she teased a little season four saying, "Well, I can't say much, but before I came here tonight, Rainn and I were filming a nighttime Dwight and Angela scene - uh oh!!!" All in all, the interview lasted about an hour, and she hung around afterward to chat with people and... TAKE PICTURES!!

She was super sweet when I met her and talked to me for a minute about our Southern accents and The Office documentary, Fandomicity - she hadn't seen it and wanted me to send the YouTube links to her MySpace.

Then there was the fabulous, Kate (we're a little blurry). She actually performed in a show at 9 p.m. that Angela was supposed to do before her interview (she had to back out to film her nighttime Dwight and Angela scene). And apparently she stuck around to see Angela, because she was standing outside after the interview, chatting with her manger. I took the opportunity to say hello. Good thing she wasn't channeling Meredith and had a shirt on!!

Sadly, no Krasinki to be seen, but still, so, so, so fun. My Dwight bobblehead has a whole new meaning to me now...

Friday, August 24, 2007


Jack Bauer just car-jacked LIZ from Gilmore Girls!!

They really know their market.

With the imminent release of, The Office: Season Three on DVD, someone at Universal decided to throw us a bone and update the DVD website with two, of what will hopefully be many, BLOOPERS. Seriously, I live for this stuff... screw three hours of "hilarious deleted scenes" (though I'll watch every single one and love it) and give me BLOOPERS!!

Oddly, a focal point of both? John Krasinski. Not that I'm complaining...

By the way, Best Buy is once again featuring a gift set with the DVD, including a mini Dwight Bobblehead, and your very own DUNDIE!! (Hello, pre-order, nice to meet you.)

And while we're on Krasinski (That's what she said!), I happened upon this picture today. Now, either Big Haircut is filming with some pretty prominent Office guest stars, or it's a peek at a scene from Leatherheads. Yeah, yeah... the latter. Either way, the person who should be in focus, is a little too blurry for my taste...

Lastly, wanna see some pics from filming on 401? Hysterical... that's all I have to say about the 7th one.

Oh!! And don't forget to check out the new, and very official, Dunder-Mifflin website. "Join the team" to get a company newsletter unlike any other.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Ok... I'll just... say it. IlikeHighSchoolMusical.


I. Like. HighSchoolMusical.



I mean, yes, I'm technically going to celebrate my 10th High School Reunion next summer, so I probably shouldn't watch anything on the Disney Channel, and I rant and rave about smart, quality programming, but dammit, I can't help myself! Sure, they're just ripping off Grease and, with number 2, Dirty Dancing, and it's cheesy and overdone and ridiculous, but it's somehow, supremely entertaining. And if I were still into Tiger Beat, Zac Efron would be my Johnny Depp.

Speaking of Zac, and my reason for posting this entry, his musical number, "Bet On It," is getting a lot of play... more for humorous reasons than anything else. It's a little bit MJ, a little bit Footloose (maybe that's the reason for all the remake rumors), and his defiant foot stomp at the beginning gives me the giggles every time. But, I laughed out loud when I saw this on Sarah's blog:

What was the best part of High School Musical 2, Sarah?

Why, I'm glad you asked. It was this part when Zac Efron's character, Troy Bolton, expresses his anger through interpretive dance. It's beyond awesome.

24: Season 1 UPDATE

It's now 8 a.m. on the day of the California Presidential Primary. Jack Bauer has had a rather busy night, what with his wife and daughter being kidnapped, and the baddie (why is Michael Massee so creepy?) trying to pin an assassination on him, apparently because he finds it amusing. Nevermind the security breach inside CTU (I know there's another agent playing us, is it Nina?) and the staged death of his former lover. Seriously, the guy should just give up and go have a cocktail.

Then there's Presid- oops, I mean, Senator Palmer's son, who was involved in the murder of his sister's rapist, and is now in the midst of full on "daddy issues" rage, exercising his petulance any way he can. (All I can think about is the kid's guest stint on House, and the fact that his character died... hope it's not foreshadowing for him as a Palmer.) Still, beginning this series 6 years after it started, gives me the benefit of knowing Palmer gets to the White House - so he obviously doesn't die, and the public forgives his little family drama... I just don't know how.

In short, I'm starting to dig in, feel a bit more interested - as you assured me I would. My only question... are they using some sort of freak Alias technology for all these body double baddies??

Private Practice Issues

I love Kate Walsh, I do. She managed to take Addison Shepard from one of my least favorite Grey's Anatomy characters, to a person I wanted to see every week - and not everyone could have done that. But, I'm starting to get this sinking feeling about her new show, Private Practice... and I have no good reason as to why. Well, other than the access to shows 10 times more creative, smart and innovative, when I expect this one to be rather formulaic and... soap opera-ish.

I won't get into my personal issues with recasting Merrin's role (Hello! Did you see what happened to Alias after they killed off Francie??) or cutting Chris Lowell's hair (ick). My point is, there's just something about all this that's NOT working for me. Sure, I'll give it a fair shot, but as of now, it's probably the most volatile - and expendable - show on my roster this year.

But hey, I'm sure there's always a job (and a co-worker to boink) for Addie at Seattle Grace.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Save Veronica, Save the World!

Heroes was always a good show, but now,
I think it's moved onto greatness!

Interview with KB about the Heroes gig and turning down LOST!

13 Episodes! I think I love Tim Kring.
(Veronica could SO kick Sylar's ass!)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

24: Season 1

I'm on episode 2... and hoping this show hooks me, because the Pilot didn't. And I have 6 Seasons to catch up on before January (assuming they get on schedule with production). It's interesting, a bold concept, but I need the story to grab me. I'm betting it will, just gotta give it a little time. Anyone want to confirm or deny... prepare me for lagging seasons and crappy storylines?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jenna Fischer: Music Video Star

Jenna in the Wisely video,
"Through Any Window."

Monday, August 13, 2007

House Keeping with Pilots

Hello all. You'll be glad to know I'm on the brink of entering the world of 24. Netflix is sending me the last available Entourage disk tomorrow - and until the new season is out on DVD, I must move forward! In the meantime, I'm doing a bit of upkeep in preparation for the Fall Season. At right, I've organized the links to various show and spoiler/pop culture sites. If there's a great website you know of, and it's missing from the list - please let me know. I'm always looking for good resources on my favorite shows and your help is much appreciated. You'll have to forgive me, I couldn't take the Veronica Mars link down... mainly because it should still be an active show. My own tiny protest.

In other news, I saw the Reaper pilot tonight. Loved it! Very pleasantly surprised. I mean, I'd heard the buzz, but let's face it, The CW is not exactly a hot bed of all things great in TV Land - especially with the loss of the Gilmores and Veronica - so I was a bit unsure, but willing to try it out. And I'm so glad I did. Bret Harrison's, Sam, is lovably goofy and endearing (following the winning, Seth Cohen/Jim Halpert trend, now being employed by many shows, including NBC's, Chuck), but it wouldn't be anywhere near as good a show without Tyler Labine. He had me laughing out loud. Smart idea. Interesting characters. Good payoff. That's enough to capture my interest...

I also watched the Pushing Daisies pilot for a second time. Words cannot detail how much I love this show. Seriously. I mean, it's either going to take off and be a smash hit, or fail miserably because people don't get it (I see no reason it should be the latter, unless people's brains have been fried by watching too many episodes of D listers dancing off for a sequined trophy). It's innovative, smart, funny and completely different from anything else on the tube. WATCH IT!! Tell everyone you know. Screw the dance off!!

P.S. Please go read the most recent Creed Thoughts. I was laughing so hard I couldn't speak... tears, people. Tears of joy and mirth.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


We've entered August, our favorite TV cast and crew members are returning to work, and I think it's safe to list premiere dates... just to psych ourselves up a little. Poor TIVO, he's gonna be working over time, along with his cable DVR buddy, this year. Behold the regulars, *the newbies, and the one reality show I've decided to give a chance... just out of morbid, former teacher, curiosity.

Wednesday, September 19
9/8c - *Kid Nation, CBS
9/8c - *Gossip Girl, CW

Monday, September 24
8/7c - *Chuck, NBC
8/7c - How I Met Your Mother, CBS
9/8c - Heroes, NBC

Tuesday, September 25
9/8c - House, Fox
9/8c - *Reaper, CW

Wednesday, September 26
9/8c - *Private Practice, ABC

Thursday, September 27
9/8c - Grey's Anatomy, ABC
9/8c - The Office, NBC

Sunday, September 30
10/9c - Brothers and Sisters, ABC

Wednesday, October 3
8/7c - *Pushing Daisies, ABC

Friday, October 5
9/8c - Friday Night Lights, NBC

Friday, August 3, 2007


While my husband was out playing Hacky Sack with Kat Von D's husband at Warped Tour, I went and saw Becoming Jane. And I seriously think I got the better end of the deal.

I'm an admitted Jane "nerd" and would watch, read or listen, to just about anything remotely related to her life and work. Last summer I got to visit her house in Chawton and spent hours loitering and walking in the garden, sitting on the benches to do a little writing of my own... so this movie... yeah, I've been waiting on it for a while, following the IMDB profile since it was still a teeny-tiny idea in pre-production.

Worth it? To me. Yes. Absolutely. I knew of her history with Tom Lefroy from my studies in college and etc., but I'm gonna spend a little more time researching tonight, see if I can figure out how much of the movie was factual and how much was... "creative embellishment" (I would imagine quite a good deal, as we have not heard more of him) on a fantastic life and story.

Final verdict? Like romance and all those other things women are suckers for? Like Jane? You'll love the movie.

For more on all things Jane, visit Austen Blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Joining the Entourage

I'm in the midst of my Entourage catch-up. Season 2, Disc 3 should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow and I'll continue my faithful review until I'm up on Season 4 (that may take some time, I know) - no matter how wacky their schedule is. My thoughts at the moment are a bit... scrambled... because I get it. I see, I understand, why people love this show - especially the Hollywood crowd.

Don't get me wrong. It's fabulously done, well written, funny, satirical - and it has The Piv. All things that put it on top. But if I have to listen to one more montage about weed and how many girls they've all slept with (described, sometimes, in the most derogatory ways), I might go a little crazy. Just momentarily. I've heard and seen plenty of filthy language and unnecessary sex and violence, but I think the onslaught of 5 episodes at a time is getting to me. Maybe I should start breaking it up...

Still, it is a clever show, not afraid to show the good and bad of this town, and I applaud that for sure. They're great with locations and I find myself amazed at some of the places and people they've gotten access to. So yeah, all around, I like it. I just need a little time to breathe between episodes.

Imagine, without Melissa Joan Hart and Drive Me Crazy, Vinnie Chase might not exist as we know him...