Thursday, August 23, 2007

24: Season 1 UPDATE

It's now 8 a.m. on the day of the California Presidential Primary. Jack Bauer has had a rather busy night, what with his wife and daughter being kidnapped, and the baddie (why is Michael Massee so creepy?) trying to pin an assassination on him, apparently because he finds it amusing. Nevermind the security breach inside CTU (I know there's another agent playing us, is it Nina?) and the staged death of his former lover. Seriously, the guy should just give up and go have a cocktail.

Then there's Presid- oops, I mean, Senator Palmer's son, who was involved in the murder of his sister's rapist, and is now in the midst of full on "daddy issues" rage, exercising his petulance any way he can. (All I can think about is the kid's guest stint on House, and the fact that his character died... hope it's not foreshadowing for him as a Palmer.) Still, beginning this series 6 years after it started, gives me the benefit of knowing Palmer gets to the White House - so he obviously doesn't die, and the public forgives his little family drama... I just don't know how.

In short, I'm starting to dig in, feel a bit more interested - as you assured me I would. My only question... are they using some sort of freak Alias technology for all these body double baddies??

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