Thursday, August 23, 2007

Private Practice Issues

I love Kate Walsh, I do. She managed to take Addison Shepard from one of my least favorite Grey's Anatomy characters, to a person I wanted to see every week - and not everyone could have done that. But, I'm starting to get this sinking feeling about her new show, Private Practice... and I have no good reason as to why. Well, other than the access to shows 10 times more creative, smart and innovative, when I expect this one to be rather formulaic and... soap opera-ish.

I won't get into my personal issues with recasting Merrin's role (Hello! Did you see what happened to Alias after they killed off Francie??) or cutting Chris Lowell's hair (ick). My point is, there's just something about all this that's NOT working for me. Sure, I'll give it a fair shot, but as of now, it's probably the most volatile - and expendable - show on my roster this year.

But hey, I'm sure there's always a job (and a co-worker to boink) for Addie at Seattle Grace.

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