Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love lamp.

Don't expect personal pictures to become the norm here at There's Proof (so ignore me and look at the blonde), but tonight I met Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery (Angela and Meredith) from THE OFFICE!! And if you've ever read this blog before, you know how obsessed I am with that show... so I had to share pictures and details!

The fortuitous event occurred after seeing talk on Angela's MySpace about a show at IO West - an improv theater in Hollywood - that does "Inside the Improvisers Studio," where they sit down with an improv artist and talk about the craft, how they got there, etc. And tonight's guest happened to be the lovely Angela Kinsey - tickets were only $5 - I was SO there!

And it was fantastic! First off, the woman is TEENY TINY. Like an inch shorter than me and with the smallest body frame you've ever seen. Seriously, like a size 12 at Abercrombie Kids. But she was SO funny and SO cute - Southern accent out in full force. She said lots of funny things, so I wouldn't even know where to start, and most of you only care what she said about The Office, so...

(No spoilers unless you haven't seen Season 3 - and not a very big one at that.)

She talked about getting cast in the role (she read first for Pam, "I know, everyone's like, 'What, you can't be Pam!'") and how her character has grown... about Rainn Wilson being her first on-screen kiss and the funny outtakes of that particular Dwangela scene we didn't see in the episode. And she teased a little season four saying, "Well, I can't say much, but before I came here tonight, Rainn and I were filming a nighttime Dwight and Angela scene - uh oh!!!" All in all, the interview lasted about an hour, and she hung around afterward to chat with people and... TAKE PICTURES!!

She was super sweet when I met her and talked to me for a minute about our Southern accents and The Office documentary, Fandomicity - she hadn't seen it and wanted me to send the YouTube links to her MySpace.

Then there was the fabulous, Kate (we're a little blurry). She actually performed in a show at 9 p.m. that Angela was supposed to do before her interview (she had to back out to film her nighttime Dwight and Angela scene). And apparently she stuck around to see Angela, because she was standing outside after the interview, chatting with her manger. I took the opportunity to say hello. Good thing she wasn't channeling Meredith and had a shirt on!!

Sadly, no Krasinki to be seen, but still, so, so, so fun. My Dwight bobblehead has a whole new meaning to me now...

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Sarah said...

Fun! The stars of The Office are so grateful and kind to their fans which is so rare these days. I'm sure that Angela is going to love Fandomicity.