Friday, August 24, 2007

They really know their market.

With the imminent release of, The Office: Season Three on DVD, someone at Universal decided to throw us a bone and update the DVD website with two, of what will hopefully be many, BLOOPERS. Seriously, I live for this stuff... screw three hours of "hilarious deleted scenes" (though I'll watch every single one and love it) and give me BLOOPERS!!

Oddly, a focal point of both? John Krasinski. Not that I'm complaining...

By the way, Best Buy is once again featuring a gift set with the DVD, including a mini Dwight Bobblehead, and your very own DUNDIE!! (Hello, pre-order, nice to meet you.)

And while we're on Krasinski (That's what she said!), I happened upon this picture today. Now, either Big Haircut is filming with some pretty prominent Office guest stars, or it's a peek at a scene from Leatherheads. Yeah, yeah... the latter. Either way, the person who should be in focus, is a little too blurry for my taste...

Lastly, wanna see some pics from filming on 401? Hysterical... that's all I have to say about the 7th one.

Oh!! And don't forget to check out the new, and very official, Dunder-Mifflin website. "Join the team" to get a company newsletter unlike any other.

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