Friday, August 3, 2007


While my husband was out playing Hacky Sack with Kat Von D's husband at Warped Tour, I went and saw Becoming Jane. And I seriously think I got the better end of the deal.

I'm an admitted Jane "nerd" and would watch, read or listen, to just about anything remotely related to her life and work. Last summer I got to visit her house in Chawton and spent hours loitering and walking in the garden, sitting on the benches to do a little writing of my own... so this movie... yeah, I've been waiting on it for a while, following the IMDB profile since it was still a teeny-tiny idea in pre-production.

Worth it? To me. Yes. Absolutely. I knew of her history with Tom Lefroy from my studies in college and etc., but I'm gonna spend a little more time researching tonight, see if I can figure out how much of the movie was factual and how much was... "creative embellishment" (I would imagine quite a good deal, as we have not heard more of him) on a fantastic life and story.

Final verdict? Like romance and all those other things women are suckers for? Like Jane? You'll love the movie.

For more on all things Jane, visit Austen Blog.

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