Sunday, April 15, 2007

The candy at my desk...

Forget Jelly Beans.

If I were Pam (here we go), the candy jar at my desk would contain an endless supply of these yummy "Sour Cherry Patches."

Who cares if they eat through my teeth and cause spontaneous dental hydroplosion

Of course, it would defeat the purpose, because I'd eat them all (every last one, don't even try to take some for yourself), and Jim would stay seated, his back to me, and never visit reception.

And I won't even mention the jokes Michael would come up with.

So, it's probably best that I'm not Pam... for numerous reasons.

(Note: This blog is being posted in the midst of immense distress. I just ate the last "sour cherry patch" from a bag I got for Easter. Withdrawal is painful.)


Karen said...

Gee...what do you mean the jokes Michael would come up with?

Those things are going to make your tongue bleed if you eat too many young lady.

TV Addict said...

Yeah, yeah, I didn't see you complaining after I opened that bag from Cracker Barrel.