Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7x18

Gilmore Girls
Hay Bale Maze

Let's get the basics out of the way.
Or: Things you should know about me and Gilmore Girls.

1. I love Lorelai. If I had to save one character on the show (and since there is no receptionist), it would be her. And I'd stuff Luke in my purse on the way out the door.
2. I don't care who Rory ends up with, if anyone at all.
3. Emily Gilmore cracks me up and pisses me off at the same time. That's talent.
4. I'm fiercely loyal to this show. I think it is, at it's peak (hello, Season 5), one of the smartest shows on TV. Well written, funny, heartfelt, etc., etc.
5. As much as I love it... there's a time to let something go. In the Season 8 debate, I'm all for closing it out well this May. *closes eyes to avoid the pelting*

And about last night...

I was getting about as pissy as Spring Fling Michel waiting on a new episode - not that I don't get that way with EVERY hiatus - but after what went down at the end of last year (Season 6 will always be, for me, the worst), waiting to see how they plan to repair the damage, makes me less than patient.

I'll admit, I've been angry. Very, very, angry at Lorelai (and she's my favorite). I thought what they did with her character this season - jumping from fiance to old stand-by, being in love with Luke, but marrying Christopher - was the worst possible choice. She should have had the Christopher thing out of her system ages ago. Plus, the Lorelai I know doesn't need a man to complete her identity. She does not fall into a puddle at someone's feet or step aside without a fight - but she did. And I didn't like it. Alas, they didn't ask me if it was believable, or whether it made sense... they just did it.

Lorelai's, "You're the man I want to want," speech that ended things with Christopher, sums up their entire history. And is the most honest thing she's ever said to him. Thank God people like Sookie, and even Rory, reminded her in the early stages of Christopher-Gate, that she was moving too quickly, not over everything with Luke, etc. Someone should have hit her upside the head, but I guess we all have to make our own mistakes. Which she did.

And now we clean up the mess. I'm not sure last night's apology is enough for me... I'm hoping for a bit more of "showdown" - if you will - between the two. Nothing like a good fight to prove you still care, right? Plus, honestly, I know Luke was a bit distracted and stupid about the April thing last year, (and he copped to it last night), but if I were him, I'd be hard pressed to forgive and forget what Lorelai ended up doing. She needs to grovel.

In other news, Rory's about to graduate, Taylor's as ridiculous as ever and Logan looks nice without a shirt.

Ok, so I shouldn't be bored by Rory and her job hunt, but I am. And Logan has lost all of his mystery. I loved Season 5's snarky, smarmy, jackassy Logan (the same holds true for VM's Logan). New Logan is a little whiny and, dare I say it... dull. Not saying I don't like Rory and Logan together, because I do, but their story needs a little spice. (And I read spoilers, so I know they'll get some.) I did, however, enjoy Logan's introduction to the craziness that is Stars Hollow. And his interaction with Lorelai. She has concerns, rightfully so, and it was fun to see Logan under fire.

Not much else to say in the way of town shenanigans, etc. Kirk is Kirk. Taylor is Taylor. What more can you say, honestly?

Next week looks good, what with Lorelai's return to the diner and all! Veddy, veddy interesting...


Here's hoping Peter Petrelli flies in before the season's over. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

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