Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost: 3x16

One of Us
(A Juliet Episode)

I tried to tell them... but they ate every, juicy morsel of Juliet propaganda like a football team at the Golden Corral's all you can eat buffet. Over and over, during the entire 44 minutes that was last night's episode, C and S tried to turn against me.

"I think I might like her. She's kind of a bad ass," S says, cringing.

C responds a bit later, "Yeah, yeah, I think I agree."

And near the end, C looks to me and says, "You have to like her."

To which I responded, "No. No, I do not."

Cue last scene.

Fine, I give in. Yes, Juliet is bad ass. Yes, she is a sympathetic character and I felt a little sorry for her when she laid out on Ben's kitchen counter, but the girl is NOT to be trusted. She's intriguing. That's all you get from me.

Jack, ABORT protection!

And speaking of, when did Jack go around spouting off about people being "under my protection?"


Blah, blah, long hug, Kate and Sawyer. (Kidding. A little.) I think the handshake, man hug, between Jack and Sawyer was sweeter than the hug, but that's just me.

And now... Things I would NOT have done.

1. Let Ethan, "check my vitals."

2. Drink a glass of orange juice, "with a considerable amount of tranquilizer mixed in." Who freakin' says that?

3. Been OK signing paperwork, not talking to people in my life for 6 months OR working with a company no one's ever heard of.

We did, however, learn a lot.

1. Women, take note: the island is like a horror movie where the girl who has sex, dies. Or, in this case, the girl who gets pregnant. Wonder what "happens at conception?" And, um, Sun... well, I hate to have to tell you this, but...

2. Claire's kidnapping was never "planned."

3. Jacob is in control. And apparently divine.

4. Information is power. Juliet may be bad ass, but she's also unfair. Sayid and Sawyer have instinct, but her knowledge of them gave her a way out. The Others seem to depend on having the upper hand. Wonder what will happen if they lose it...?

5. Juliet is there to divide and conquer. Knock Kate out of the way, take the place of "trust" in Jack's world, set up sides, send the Losties into turmoil amongst themselves.

6. Something big is going down in a week. I'm guessing that's five episodes from now.

7. Ana Lucia killed Juliet's lovah.

8. Juliet is out for Juliet. I don't think she's about loyalty at this point. And she's NOT inherently bad. (There, I said it.) Jack was right, she wants off the island more than anyone, and that's what drives all of her decisions at this point.

What am I missing?

Side note: Can I just say, I loved seeing the news broadcasts in the background at the communication station. I'm sure someone with a lot of time on their hands, is analyzing them as we speak.

Question of the night goes to Sawyer, "What the hell is she doing here?"

No, really. What's she about to set in motion?

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Apparently divine.... that was funny.