Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lost: 3x17

Catch 22
(A Desmond Episode)

I'm sorry, but did Desmond really think Penny was coming to the island? People with lots of money don't do jobs themselves... they do, however, take credit for the outcome of other people's hard work. What? It's true.

Things I noticed:
1. Charlie "died" in Desmond's vision, BUT if you watch the "flashes," he's holding onto the parachute when the girl falls out of the tree. So does that mean he needed to be there and wasn't supposed to die? It hurts my brain to process this question.

2. Jin is funny! I think that's possibly the first time he's ever made me laugh. Do it again, do it again!

3. There's a satellite phone on the island. Sayid better get to work, pronto!

4. Kate and Sawyer can be pretty sucky people.

There's this gem: "Now that that's out of the way... how 'bout an afternoon delight?" Seriously? Sawyer, you should know, it's every girl's dream (excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth) to hear those words. Yes, I laughed, but had he said them to me... gross.

And Kate. Good rule of thumb: When jealous that Foxy's hangin' out in whisper girl's tent, having "shut up" sex with Sawyer will not make it better. I mean, come on... she's crying over Jack and turns to James for comfort. Sorta sick in the head, no matter how much I love her. Twisted, I tell you! I hate love triangles. Too pointy!

I won't mention that I enjoyed the 4 seconds of interaction between Kate and Jack in the "kitchen." Or the fact that Sawyer figured it out. Good for him! Not that it will make a huge difference, as it looked like they were kissing (again! grr!) in the preview...

And I'm just wondering... does Jack really trust Juliet? Or is he playing her, too?

So, the main event...
Desmond, Desmond, Desmond.

Who would have guessed you were of the monk persuasion? Not I. But somehow, I don't think the robe, or the vow of silence are the important parts to that story.

No, I think it's more about the fact that the mystery lady from your last flashback (who wouldn't sell you Penny's ring) is pals with your good Brother, brother. Yeah, we all know the LOST crew loves "easter eggs" - go back and check the pic on the monk's desk. Interesting how both of those characters played a pivotal role in setting Desmond on the "right" path. Whatever that means.

And can I just say, I'd be completely disturbed if I had one of Desmond's visions. Good thing the hobbit didn't go down with an arrow to the throat. (I still think he's doomed, though. It's never good when your flashback is the one before the season finale.) Question: Will Charlie die because he no longer trusts Desmond... or because he does? Oooooooo...

So yes, Desmond, you were a drunk monk with lady problems. Now you're a sad psychic with lady problems. We could talk about the fact that you were gonna sacrifice Charlie (how very Locke of you)! But we won't. Because we love you.

As S stated last night while Des trudged along the beach, shirt flailing open in the breeze, "Mmmm. I'm a fan of that shirt."

What's key to our knowledge?
1. The island can be penetrated. It's only a matter of time...
2. Um... yeah, I thought there'd be more than one. Appears not.

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