Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Office: 3x21

The Office
Women's Appreciation

Wow... just... wow.


I don't even know where to begin. From the cold open to closing credits... completely hysterical. It should be some sort of Office rule that every show start and end with a Jim/Dwight scene... you really just can't go wrong there.

I am saying a lot of things...

1. Michael, Michael, Michael. The man carries so many emotions on his sleeve. He went from putting his hand down his pants (hilarious), to crying in the food court. It's possible he tended toward slightly over the top, but Steve can carry just about any level of ridiculousness and make it believable. Jan... well, she's got some issues. Wow... But what's their status now? Jan walked in after Michael broke up with her over the phone, heard the message and left... now what?

2. I can't even deal with Dwight and his menstruation and calendars and bananas and sexual predator search. Give the man a cause to oversee and I'm on board. Plus, when Andy got involved, realized who the drawing was of and offered to hang the fliers around his neighborhood... ha! I sense this will be the foundation of their relationship as frienemies.

3. The mall. Meredith parking, Kelly darting into VS and dancing to Michael's ring tone. Michael wanting to buy Angela a "fresh pair of underwear." Angela at the American Girl Store with her large colonial doll clothing... all classic. Plus, the entire food court scene was priceless. Looks like we have a few "issues" coming into play between Pam and Karen (more below) - and I like it.

4. The guys camped out in the women's bathroom. Kevin has a fantasy, so screw the locker room and hit the bathroom. He went in... and they're all glad he did. Well, except for Creed.

The pointy, pointy triangle...
Wow. So there was no real interaction between them, but there were plenty of moments to ponder... and I think a lot of it rests of Karen's facial expressions during their trip to the mall (seems she's not exactly secure in her relationship). Add in Fancy New Beesly's "don't back down" attitude, and you could have imagined yourself watching a showdown.

Pam's been very nice to Karen and vice versa. I think they genuinely do - or would - like each other, but there's a little something in the way... something that looks a bit like Jim. So yeah, it was a bit passive-aggressive, but there were a consistent number of silent and verbal (shrouded in Michael) challenges between them tonight. I think it's safe to assume Pam meant Karen isn't right for Jim and, on the other end, Karen wanted to make it known that Pam was just a "rough patch" between them. Lots of looks folks, lots of tension floating around. It's 'gon be zoppity.

I'm all about self-sufficient Pam. Changing tires (you know Jim would have loved that smudge on her forehead) and getting on the elevator with the guy you want and the girl he's dating! It's called taking control... and I like it! Seems like Jim might be noticing, too. He was impressed enough with her solo prank on Dwight, he couldn't help but add a twist to the end.

Sometimes you can't help but want to go back.

Whatever will happen next?

Ladies, take your corners.

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Sarah said...

I do agree this was a good Office episode. I am so disturbed by Jan that I don't even know what to say..

I never found one character to be so funny in the other seasons, but Creed is really entertaining me this season.
I totally appreciate the quotes you put up. If I study them maybe I could answer one of the official site's quote games. Probably not though...