Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Proof's 2007 Fall Schedule

FALL 2007
I know, I know. The 2007-2008 Television Season doesn't officially begin until mid-late September, but most shows go back into production in a week or so - and some are already there. I figure, if they're back at work, it's never too early for me to prepare. So, if you're planning to follow along this year, here's what you can expect from me (so far).


10 p.m., Brothers and Sisters, ABC


8 p.m., How I Met Your Mother, CBS

9 p.m., Heroes, NBC and 24, FOX (January)

10 p.m., October Road, ABC (Mid-Season)

I'm giving it a second chance to get better!


9 p.m., House, FOX


8 p.m., Pushing Daisies, ABC

Saw the Pilot and loved it.

9 p.m., Private Practice, ABC and Gossip Girl, CW

The latter is a guilty pleasure, for sure. Screw that, they're both guilty pleasures and the first one has to prove itself.

8 p.m., LOST, ABC (February)


9 p.m., The Office, NBC

Don't forget, the first four episodes are an hour long!

9 p.m ., Grey's Anatomy, ABC

I'm giving it a second chance to get better!


(But Likely Will Give It A Shot)

Miss Guided, ABC

The Rules for Starting Over, FOX

Reaper, CW


(or, Will Catch Up On At Later Date)

Entourage, HBO

Their new season is ongoing, and I'm waaaay behind.

The Return of Jezebel James, FOX

I love ASP, but it comes on Wednesdays at 8:30, which means I probably won't follow it religiously.

Scrubs, NBC

Final season, so I must watch at some point, but I'd probably need to watch last season first.


Cashmere Mafia, ABC

Dirty Sexy Money, ABC

Just trust me. The pilots were a tad scary, especially the former. DSM was tolerable, but I'm not arranging my night around it.


_bales said...

hi! "The Office" actually starts at 9pm on Thursdays.

tv_addict said...

oops, my bad. didn't proofread well enough! thanks.