Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes: Season 2, Chapter 1

Season 2, Chapter 1
Four Months Later...

I liked the way they opened this one... a smattering of scenes, new characters and old, during the time we missed. An easy, yet effective way to show us things have changed, the story is still moving and we've got some "catch up" to play.

Tonight, I'm working in story groups, starting with the Bennets. Or maybe I should say, Butlers. (Honestly, not the greatest, or most super secret, name change. They could have at least gone with a different letter of the alphabet.) HRG gets little bear all set up for her first day of school in California (again, with the terrible anonymity) and wants her to be as un-noticeable as possible (and we know from the moment he says it, that's NEVER going to happen). She fights the urge to answer a question about Charles Darwin (we get it, evolution) in class, and refrains from taking a swan dive off the P.E. platform (who has one of those things at school... and why do the cheerleaders on this show ALWAYS have on their uniforms), but she's struggling with her inability to be herself (you know, breaking bones, etc. and regenerating), leading to a rather strained phone call between her and DNA Daddy (more on that later). Considering the promos of Bear and West (cool name) getting all kissy face, and him flying, Clay Aiken style, outside her room, I expect she's not gonna keep her secret for long... or stop wearing a cheerleading uniform.

Mother Bennet-Butler is upset that Mr. Muggles can't rest on his puppy competition laurels (you don't have any laurels, Saracen, not a damn one) while under cover. Could they make this woman seem any crazier? Little does she know, ol' Noah's out breaking his boss's fingers for asking him to finish a coffee break. (Why HRG working at Kinkos?) Still, it's all part of Daddy B's big plan to take down "The Company" with Suresh.

Speaking of Suresh. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that he and Parkman are Molly's guardians. Could there BE anything cuter? I don't think so. And it appears while Mohinder is out baiting "The Company," Matty is passing his police exams (nice recovery from the gunshot wounds, man) and questioning Molly on some rather disturbing drawings and dreams. Poor kid. And poor Matt. He and Janice are divorced now (what?)... but I'm sure that's not the end of that story.

And I'm wondering if the creepy guy Molly keeps drawing and seeing (aside from being the baddie that's bigger than Sylar) is the one who's sending death threats to the older heroes. That whole situation was odd to me. Intriguing, but odd. Mainly because, a) Ando had on a suit? and b) If the guy that pushed Mr. Nakamura off the building was old, he sure dressed a lot like Sylar. Wonder if Mrs. Petrelli is gonna bite it? I sorta hope so, but somehow, I doubt it.

Which leads me to Nathan. Wow. Beard. (Someone call for a Jack Shepard character arc?) Apparently, since he and Peter went birds eye in the finale, he's lost his house (no mention of the wife and kids) and his political prowess/aspirations. And he's drunk. A lot. And seeing really creepy reflections of himself in mirrors. Don't worry, Nate, Peter's alive. And hot. And chained to a wall in Ireland. Without his memory, but somehow, with hair that was cut perfectly by the flames of himself.

Hiro. I hope at some point I get this story. Like, is David Anders going back to the future with Masi, because that would be AWESOME. And I love that DA is still rocking the British accent. It's like Sark got the lead role in a really strangely costumed movie. I know I should focus on Hiro here, but I can't. He's just doing his Hiro thing... I'm sure he'll inspire Takezo (I can't spell that name) into action at some point.

Lastly, what is this Maya chick's power, because it's freaking me out?

Next week: More shirtless Peter, and hopefully some Sylar. And really, can we just skip to episode five so I can be in the presence of Kristen Bell again?

I'm so glad this show is back on...


Paco said...

Mayas power is that she like emanates or something a deadly virus (or something lol) when she's under stress and her brother is the antidote... or something like that. I read it on tv-guide the other day... its something along those lines. I dont remember tvguides exact words.

Proof said...

Interesting... good to know. The black tears are creepy, though... yikes.