Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another TV Blog?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

I'm sure you have questions.

So do I.

Like, why, am I creating yet another outlet in which I will spend inordinate amounts of time doing things like, wondering if Jim goes home at night and imagines confession scenarios between himself and Pam (never mind that Jim doesn't GO home because he isn't REAL), when I should be feeding the dog, washing clothes, paying bills. Eh, what fun are chores and work... ?


It's about commitment, people. (No, not to an institution.)

Why? Why are you doing this?
1. Because there just aren't enough people out there in the world with television blogs. Ha.
2. I'm a TV addict, this blog is now my therapy. Prepare to see ranting, raving, "squee"-ing, questioning, imagining - and all sorts of other "ings". And don't be shocked to see the words, "If I were..." followed by a delusion of what I'd do, where I the character spoken of, living in said showverse.

3. Because I can.

What shows will you blog about?

My (must not, will not miss) schedule is as follows:

Monday: HEROES.

Wednesday: LOST.

Thursday: THE OFFICE
(which you'll hear about the most), GREY'S ANATOMY.

Shows I'm about to start watching on DVD.
These are the ones people *gasp* over, when I say I haven't watched them yet. However, the hell that is television's Summer Hiatus seems a perfect time to catch up. Prepare for an ear full.

24, Entourage and House

Like TV? Want to discuss it without the funny looks and reminders that, "they're fictional characters, you know that, right?"

Then welcome, this is a safe place for you.

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