Thursday, April 5, 2007

LOST: 3x15

Left Behind
(A Kate Episode)

Let's get the basics out of the way.
Or: Things you should know about me and LOST.

1. I love me some Shepard. Don't mess with Dr. Giggles.
2. Desmond is dead sexy. Please talk. All the time.
3. No matter how much she annoys me sometimes, Kate is my girl.
4. Sawyer makes me laugh. And I love him for it... but the boy is no good for little Katie. Especially seeing as how she's got it bad for Jack.

Ok, leave me to my little world. I'm adult enough to admit that Kate likes them both - in different ways, for different reasons - and I get the Sawyer attraction (who wouldn't?), but in my world, the girl belongs with Jack. I am, however, not about this Jate/Skate bashing crap. Ugh, who has the time? You have my stance. Nevermind the actual, important, issues like... WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON??

With that in mind, let's talk about last night.
In the words of Jim Halpert (prepare yourself for lots of The Office, no matter what show I'm talking about):

Fight! Fight! Fight!

So, Kate is our island's resident warrior princess. The girl is a bull. And, I'm sorry, but it's about time someone beat the hell out of Juliet. If the chick doesn't stop whispering and blinking, I'm gonna end up pelting the television with dead fruits and vegetables. Seriously, I know me and my "weekly watching party" pals (who will hereafter be referred to as C and S) can't be the only ones. And, OK, maybe I've only developed this intense dislike of Juliet because the writers seem to be making her Jack's distraction from Kate (hello, Jim, Pam and Karen). But, I don't trust her. There's something shady going on. But, then, when is there not?

What we learned last night (aside from nothing):

1. The "Others" have seemingly vacated camp and disappeared. Why? Where have they gone? What are they doing/planning? Was David Blaine involved?

2. Locke is a traitor. Or a defender of the Island. Or a spy. Who knows what that cat is doing. My husband LOVES him (all the guys I know do), but I've always had issues with his island "connection." (And that orange peel in the mouth scene from the Pilot.) Of course, Ben's dangling a big ball of yarn right in front of Locke's face. Dude wants to beat Daddy (who HAS to be the original Sawyer, you're with me there, right?) down.

3. The smoke monster was apparently doing an assignment for his photography class until Juliet pulled the plug with her force field. At what point did this show merge with The Incredibles?

4. Saw Hurley's con on Sawyer coming from a mile away. Still funny, though.

5. Kate and Sawyer's Long Con lady are pals. Wonder how James will feel when he finds out.

So, yeah, I'm ignoring Kate's back story, but I just don't have a lot to say. I get the parallels and irony they were trying to create with Kate's reason for what she did to her stepfather and what's happening with Jack and Sawyer and all that biz, but, yeah... that's all I got from it. That, and her mom's not very cool. If you garnered something else from it, please enlighten me.

And holy crap, I have to go watch The Office now.

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