Saturday, April 28, 2007

By my calculation...

The hiatus is almost upon us.

(Or the nervous breakdown, in my case.)

I'm sitting here with a day planner, counting up how many episodes are left of each of my shows. Far too few for my liking. In about four weeks, the 2006-2007 Television Season will be over... and I'll be in Dante's 7th circle of Hell. Laugh it up, but it's true. The beach trip I'm going on in June is a nice consolation prize for the months of TV-less, summer suffering I'll endure until September.

I did just read on GMMR, that Studio 60 comes back May 24. I know the show has its issues, but I like it. No idea how many eps they'll be running. Probably not enough to appease my emotional upheaval and withdrawal.

That said, I am planning to fill the summer months with three shows I've never seen before, so maybe they'll dull the pain. Just what I need, right? Three potential new obsessions. House, 24 and Entourage. They're lined up in the Netflix cue, but as Kelly taught us a few weeks ago, it's rather easy to change the order.

So, which one should I watch first?


AC said...

Out of all those three, I'd say House. It's the one I like the best anyway. Thanks for writing these posts, this blog's hilarious.

TV Addict said...

I've been leaning toward House. I'm not sure I can turn down Hugh Laurie for much longer. Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying it!