Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes, Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Five Years Later

Let's make a deal... I'll stop trying to make sense of Heroes and none of us will wake up with headaches on Tuesday morning. Sound good? Good. Because the whole space-time continuum thing and Future Hiro getting killed and Sylar being Nathan and Parkman being an ass... I'm pretty sure I can't process.

Especially since I'm not a big fan of the future if it turns out like it did tonight. I get that we're supposed to look at it like Ebeneezer Scrooge after the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: This was a glimpse of what will be, if the current state of the present is not altered. Good thing it's a TV show and the future has to change, otherwise, what have we been leading up to for 20 chapters? And seriously, do we really want to force Suresh to deal with genocide or Parkman to lose his... Parkman-ness? Didn't think so. Pretty much the only thing really worth keeping in the future, is tortured, powerful, scruffy Peter with his flowy black coat. Niiice. (Excuse me while I channel Kevin.)

A few things revealed...

1. Nikki reigns. Apparently she and Jessica split completely - or enough that one of them could die without killing the other. Are we to assume still happens if their course is altered? And Micah died? That's not cool.

2. At some point, Sylar kills Nathan... which gives a whole new meaning to the creepy painting Sylar was working on last week. The bigger question is: did Linderman plan it that way?

3. Hiro went all Matrix after Ando died. Now they both return to the present with knowledge of what could be headed their way... and maybe how to stop it. (P.S. I loved the funny at the beginning of the episode when Hiro said, "I scare me." Too cute.)

4. Someone's still gotta save the Cheerleader... *rolls eyes*

5. Bennett is my hero. Seriously, I love him and his noble, underground, hero hiding.

** I'd just like to note, for anyone who happens across this page and has no idea what I'm yapping about - I'm not a crazy person. Because if I tried to read what I just wrote, I might think I was off my rocker.


Ernest said...

Here's my problem with Heroes - besides half the cast being terrible actors - being a comic book fan growing up it's annoying how many great comic book stories they are blatantly ripping off of. X-men being the most obvious one.

TV Addict said...

Ernest! Such harsh words! It really is a good show! Of course, I understand your frustration... or, I don't understand fully, but I empathize.

We'll always have Veronica.