Monday, April 30, 2007

Granger is Sad Because...

There's Proof is implementing a new form of commentary, called "Granger is sad because..."

It came to me today when the little fella was laid out on the floor (as seen at left). He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (say it three times fast), and they have the sweetest, saddest little faces. In Granger's case, he observes enough TV on a weekly basis to have an opinion about all the things I watch that cause him grief. And he wants you to feel his pain. So in future, if you see his picture, prepare for little, doggy tears. (Hopefully he won't get too popular - I don't want to end up being a wacko showbiz mom.)

Just, come on. Suspend your disbelief with me for a minute, because tonight:

Granger is sad because...

There are no hero dogs on Heroes. He'd enjoy the show a whole lot more if Mr. Muggles had "Go-Go- Gadget" legs.

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