Monday, April 30, 2007


Spoiler Basics

I won't generally post spoilers. I know lots of people don't want to know what's coming up on their shows, but I do. And in the off chance you see the "Shhhh..." sign, you'll know it's because something:
a) has me up in arms.
b) got me all excited and I can't hold it in.
c) completely freaked me out and I need comfort.

I will identify the shows I'm discussing, but I'll white out the SPOILERS - so highlight to read, if you must.

P.S. If Granger doesn't stop scratching at crap, he's gonna be sad because he got a spanking!!!! Grrr...

So, I've heard there are as many as 5 deaths in the finale. That's disconcerting enough, but then Kristin at E! had to add, "... in anticipation of how totally and completely freaked out most of you fans will be ... it's not so much the number (of deaths), but the who."

I really, really hate surprises. And I'm no good with major character deaths. I'd like to lay that out on the table right now. I'm pretty sure this finale is going to send me into a stress meltdown. Or leave me catatonic like Buffy.

"I'm hearing you JAM fans will be pleased! Yayaaay!"

Please, Kristin, for the LOVE of all things Krasinski, let this be true. I'm dying here! Especially after seeing those pictures of John and Rashida in New York and hearing they were doing reshoots for the finale! I need some Jim and Pam!

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