Friday, April 27, 2007

The Office: 3x20

The Office
Product Recall

I hate local news.

There was a breaking story (it wasn't) that ran overtime and cut out tonight's cold open. If I hadn't seen the "Jim is Dwight?" video on YouTube - and later found out what I missed (like so many sad souls in my city must have) - they'd have found me around 2 a.m., hurling deviled eggs at the local NBC building.

Good stuff.

1. Jim as Dwight/Dwight as Jim. Rainn cracked me up, acting squirrelly, trying to make a Jim face. You know they have to have done TONS of takes. The fact that we don't see/hear the guys in the background breaking is a miracle. You can almost catch Phyllis if you watch closely...

2. Kelly and Angela's back to back talking heads. "B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" - Cut to Angela with a bottle of Ibuprofen. Classic. Seriously, all of Kelly's training scenes (specifically, the ones with Angela) were good stuff. Hello? Bridget Jones...

3. The Conference Room scene was fantastic. Steve killed me with his, "That's what she said! No, there's no time!" bit. In this, he has embodied the constant, internal battle of Michael Scott. We should all take note of his daily struggle. To entertain or not to entertain? Plus, Michael created the LONGEST news headline ever!

4. Jim's ever-supportive counsel to Andy regarding high school girlfriend. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle..."


I won't get into much in the way of Jim and Pam... I just want them to shoot us a little hint or something, so Pam's "speaking her mind" doesn't come out of the blue for us all. That's all I'm asking for... really. Of course, give me that and I'm going for the mile! Aren't you?

So, overall?

Eh. Not my favorite episode. I tend to judge my Office experience by how often I laugh out loud... and while tonight was ripe with funny, a lot of it was understated. Which works well, too. I think I just expected more big laughs after seeing the preview videos and etc. Ooooh, maybe that's my problem. I should stop watching videos and gunning for spoilers...

Not gonna happen.

So, yeah, it was obviously necessary for me to stay up until 1:46 a.m. to post this, right?

I think I have to shun myself right now.

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Paco said...

I died laughing watching this episode. Jim as Dwight, Dwight as Jim?? best.thing.ever.