Thursday, April 26, 2007

LOST: 3x18

(A Jin/Sun Episode)

You know the episode of The Office (S2: Michael's Birthday) where Ryan hears Dwight and Angela discussing "cookies"? Ok, now, imagine Ryan's face afterward, in the talking head.

That's me right now.


1. Ummmm... Patch Adams is alive? How? Someone... seriously. HOW? Dude was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog a few weeks ago and now...? So, if he's been healed, the question is: Did Linderman do it? Ok, not really, but what's up with these people? Why wasn't Boone healed? The Marshall? Shannon? As you can see, I have many, many questions.

2. People on this island don't just come back from the dead! No, no, they also get a better sperm count. Basically, what you're telling me, is this island is made of Viagra. Great for men. Not so good on the whole deathly pregnancy front.

3. Oceanic Flight 815 had no survivors, huh? Interesting. Kristin from E! Online has confirmed (with Damon) the Losties are NOT dead or in Purgatory - since many people jumped back to that theory. I didn't. I think there's a massive cover up in the works. Somebody didn't want a search party out looking for our boys and girls. Which begs the question... are they really that far away from the "outside world"?

4. Which brings me to Naomi - the multi-lingual, parachuting, Catch 22 reader. Lost-Media and Lostpedia were all over her language swapping and we now know... Patch Adams LIED (*gaspshockhorror*)! He told us she said "thank you," but it was really, "I'm not alone." Good to know... now whose side are you on, Naomi? And was the little bombshell you dropped on Hurley a lie? Huh? Huh?

The Happy Couple... ?
Jin is Sun's baby daddy.

At least Juliet helped us find out ONE thing that matters. Nevermind that she went in and recorded it all for Ben to come find in the super-secret concrete bunker! I'm
really hoping Sun followed her back inside. So, SO much.

Ok, fine. There are moments she seems genuine. But genuine is not trustworthy.

The better question is this... how the hell is Juliet going to get a "sample" from Kate? And what does she need it for? These people continue to creep me out on a regular basis.

And poor Jin. A prostitute mom (who didn't catch that immediately... come on!) and a fisherman father
(I thought his dad was the cutest little thing with that big ol' grin!). Both too shameful to share with his wife (he's obviously never been to America where all men do on weekends in summer is fish). But honestly, weren't you more impressed with is Ninja skills than his family history?

And naughty, naughty Sun. Wonder if her little secret will ever be brought to light. The mere fact that she shared it with Juliet ups the ante.

Lastly... I'm not getting too concerned about the fact that Sun only has 2 months to live (if it even turns out that way). We're in the middle of season 3 and only 90 days from where we started. If Sun goes out, I'm betting it won't be until the Series Finale.

Now bring on the showdown!!

Yeah, I was supposed to be somewhere 4 minutes ago.

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