Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7x19

Gilmore Girls
It's Just Like Riding a Bike

In the words of Better Than Ezra, "I love it when we fight/It makes me think at least you still care."

I know I felt a little bubble of happiness (that's long been absent) when Luke and Lorelai started bickering. Surely you did, too! From ceiling tiles, to "of course," to the Paper, Rock, Scissors game and everything in between... total bits of cotton candy fluff. And I loved it. Especially in the end, when Luke (in classic Luke form) came through, totally giving in to Lorelai's craziness, loving (begrudgingly) every minute of it.

He can't help himself.

And kudos to LG. That woman kills. Her facial expressions, the little, secret smiles. I'll miss the girls if they don't come back for Season 8. I really will.

Paris amused me for about 2 seconds screaming over all of her acceptance letters. I knew then that Rory wasn't getting the fellowship. Maybe that's why I'm still sort of bored with all of her, "getting out of college woes." Blah, blah... we all have to deal with it, moving on.

However, I loved, loved the Doyle scene at the end. Changing his mind about being broken up with Paris. Too sweet. I enjoy Doyle... even though I'm always afraid Buffy will come out from around a corner and zap him.

I know Sookie and Jackson were tonight's C Story, but I just don't have much to say. I did laugh at her comments about him annoying people and how to behave, but otherwise... eh.

Next week, on the other hand, looks to be quite an interesting turn in the Rory/Logan story. FINALLY! And I know a bit about some Luke/Lorelai happenings, but I'll keep it zipped as I'm not here to spoil you.

Unless you ask.


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