Monday, April 9, 2007

Thank God!

I heard about Thank God You're Here from an Angela Kinsey interview. Or maybe it was her blog. Either way, she's the reason I knew to be on the lookout. So, I set myself on alert and tucked it away in the back of my mind.

Then the Heroes hiatus came, sending NBC into TGYH promo blitz mode, ensuring no one was unaware of the impending premiere of this show.

It worked.

After seeing (and having to change the channel from) gobs of "celebrities" gasping for that last, dying breath of fame, *cough*DancingWithTheStars*cough* - I found this concept very refreshing. Actors doing... you know... what they're good at, known for, etc. Plus, I love watching people think on their feet.

I'm no comedy expert. I know I'd have "peed my pants a little" if put in the position they were, but I was thoroughly entertained. In the end, it was slightly reminiscent of Who's Line is it Anyway (which I loved), with better costumes.

It'll be interesting to see who shows up in future episodes.

And while my total lack of comedic experience makes me a completely inadequate judge, it doesn't stop me from having favorites.

Episode 1: Joel McHale. I really don't think he was the funniest, but he is intensely funny on E! You should seriously check out the Vine show he did with Kristin a couple of weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of dry, sarcastic humor and he's all over that.

Episode 2: Monique was funny, especially in the group scene at the end. Edie McClurg held her own as well.

It's an improv comedy show, with one big mystery...

David Alan Grier's hair color.


Karen said...

I saw the first 30 minutes the other night. It was pretty entertaining, but I certainly won't schedule my night around it. I thought the lady from Legally Blonde was funny.

tv_dream said...

I'm spreading the news, as promised, tonight.