Monday, May 14, 2007

Up Front with Damien...

Let's talk TV.

Upfronts, specifically, as they started today.

NBC was first out of the gate and they brought us good news.

The Office will have 30, half-hour segments next year. It was a bit confusing at first (because it involved math), but it adds up to be 20 half hour episodes and FIVE, count 'em, FIVE, ONE HOUR episodes. Woohoo! I'm glad they chose this route. The possibility of an hour long show each week was exciting, but it could also have been the kiss of death... Now, it seems they're moving to the 9/8c time slot, pitting Dunder-Mifflin against Seattle Grace, but I've got faith they can pull it off! Make me choose, I'm going to Scranton!

Heroes has also, in the words of its home network, been "bulked" up. Thirty episodes when combined with some sort of spin-off called, Heroes: Origins. I'm hoping, and guessing, this is some sort of internet tie-in like the LOST crew loves to do. Whatever, I'll take as many minutes of Petrelli as I can get!

Scrubs was picked up for 18 more eps (I'm calling last season, here), which means I've gotta get on the ball and watch the current season... I'm lagging behind at Sacred Heart!

And... that's sort of all I care about at NBC. Seems there are a plethora of new shows, as always, so it'll be interesting to see if and which ones pull me into their web.

In other news...

St. Louis was fun. I saw the Arch, pondered the "Gateway to the West," and spent a large amount of time at H&M, but seriously, those things weren't my reason for going.

<----- Him, over to the left in that picture, he's why I went to St. Louis. So to answer your question, yes, Damien Rice was amazing! I don't know who's a fan and who isn't, but if you are - find tickets. Now. Yeah, Lisa's gone and you feel it a little, every now and then, but overall, this show is Damien and he stands quite well on his two feet without her. (And so ends my Damien Rice plug. I'll spare you my detailed account of the concert and my certainty that I saw him being driven into the parking lot a few hours before the show and we totally looked at one another... just know it was fabulous.) It also appears that hubby had a good time at the Kings of Leon show in New Orleans, so overall, a successful weekend of music.

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