Monday, May 14, 2007

Heroes, Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Will anyone be upset if I stamp a "filler" label on this episode? Not bad, shoddy filler, but filler all the same. And sometimes it's necessary. We need build up, lead in, for the finale next week... and we definitely have it.

There's Hiro and his dad, engaged in a little bonding time over swordplay... I'm thinking it's obvious Hiro's father is one of the originals like Linderman and the Petrelli Parents, but it seems perhaps there's a schism (just ask the Baudelaire orphans) and pop is on the NO BOMB side. Three cheers for the Nakamura's!

Now, I'm a fairly intelligent person. I did well in school, have a degree, read a lot of books and can usually put two and two together, so I'm asking myself why it didn't dawn on me that Molly was the tracking system!? Hello! And check out HRG - shooting Julia Roberts' brother! All for the greater good, but still...

A lot of people bit it tonight. I'd add DL to the list if he weren't in next week's preview, but what about Linderman? Is he really dead? My husband kept saying, "Can they really kill him right now?" Well, I guess they can, but we'll see if it's a Shannon or a Locke style death. And Ted. I really liked him and now he's missing the top of his head. Not cool.

I am, however, lovin' Claire and Peter with their shiny, new family bond. Let's just hope it ends up with The Cheerleader pointing the gun at the Boogie Man, not her uncle. Still, Clairebear, let 'em fight for a bit... I'm looking forward to that showdown. And it has nothing to do with Milo and Zachary being fun to look at. Not. At. All... *ahem*

Of course, the big question now... is Peter the bomb? Is Sylar? Or do they both go red and glowy next week? What happens to Molly and Suresh? To Micah? Will Jessica or Nikki gain full control? Does Nathan make it through the bomb? Will this show add as much stress to my life as LOST and The Office?

I'm leaving lots of thoughts unfinished, asking lots of questions. Probably because the feeling I have right now is very similar to the one I had at the end of the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We've got lots of words and actions, but not a complete thought.

Let's hope I can form a sentence next week.

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Josh said...

Who is Zach?

Linderman is dead...he was just a puppet for the greater evil:
Dr. Keith Ablow.