Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ABC, step forward.

The alphabet kings have set us up for the fall.

Once the upfronts are over, I'll compile my full (and overly stuffed) fall TV schedule for next year, but at this point, ABC has me for LOST, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's, Private Practice (I gotta see how it goes...) and I'm hearing a lot of buzz about the new show, Pushing Daisies, so I'm all up for checking it out - especially since it's in the LOST timeslot until FEBRUARY 2008! We won't even discuss how LONG of a wait that is for new eps of LOST (especially after all the spoilers I've been reading this week)!

It appears Oprah has a do-gooder show popping up as well. Perhaps it'll be a bit like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - I'll watch when I remember.

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