Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gilmore Girls: A Tribute

I'll miss my girls.

Warning: Lots of Gilmore, lots of silliness... just me remembering a favorite, so if you aren't a fan, you'll probably just want to pass this post by...

Yes, it's corny. Yes, my husband is sitting here, making fun of me with comments like, "I know this is gonna take a lot out of you. Dig deep." Yes, it's just a TV show. But still...

I can't believe it'll all be over in less than two hours. Seriously, I get way too attached to things and my shows are no exception. And this one's been around for a while. Seven years. I've been a fan of this show for SEVEN years... and that's longer than I've known my husband, so he can kiss it!

When I first found Gilmore Girls, I was completely enamored. And for quite a while, it occupied the number one spot on my favorite shows list. Inevitably, it let me down, went ways I didn't like and made me want to run from the room screaming... but it also gave me tons of laughs, lots of heart and even a few tears now and then. I LOVE this show, cracks, faults and all, and I'll miss it terribly. I'm not sure the finale will do it justice, considering the last two seasons, but if I feel like everyone's okay and where they should be, I'll take it.


You are, quite possibly, one of my favorite female characters ever. Strong, funny and full of imagination. Yeah, you made a few not-so-great, slightly out of character, choices along the way (*cough*Christopher Season6and7*cough*), but I think you're gonna pull through in the end - and that's why I love you. I'll miss your quippy, pop-culture self and every love-hate fight with Emily, but most of all, I'll miss seeing you with Rory and Luke every week. However, in my little corner of the world, you'll be working the Dragonfly with Sookie 20 years from now, talking on the phone with Rory, and going home to Luke's Diner every night, so... what am I getting all worked up over?


What can I say, kid? You've got a really cool mom, you went to Chilton and Yale... I feel like I've watched you grow up and now I'm a little jealous of your "wide-open" life, but you deserve it. I'm proud of you. I hate we won't see you take over the world, because it's been a long road. You made some mistakes - dropping out for a semester, living with your grandparents... plus I wasn't exactly behind your whole sleeping with a married guy thing, and it was probably a big bad to break up with Jess (or am I just projecting my Milo love on Alexis?), but then you had Logan, and well, I think he was my favorite. Alas, one day, big shot reporter Rory will find herself a guy worthy of a Gilmore Girl... I hate I won't be there for family dinners when you take him home to meet Luke and your mom.

Luke and Lorelai,

Thank god you're cutting the crap. I don't expect anymore screw ups, so I feel okay leaving you tonight. Still... there's no other couple like you; the words "made for each other" come to mind. I'll miss all the banter-laden, flirty love... alas, now I have Jim and Pam to tear my heart out. *sigh* All the good ones do.

Emily and Richard,

You seriously make me laugh. Constantly. You also have the tendency to really piss me off, but generally, it's been a joy. And hey, I even wanted to hit up Friday night dinner sometimes, just to see what went down! That's power. Who will I count on for my weekly dose of guilt and manipulation? Wait, that's right, Nora Walker covers both nicely and when it comes to manipulation, there's always LOST and Heroes. Still, Sylar and Locke have nothing on you two when it comes to getting your way...

Sookie, Michel, Lane, Paris, Jackson, Kirk, Taylor, Miss Patty, Babette, Gypsy and the rest of the Stars Hollow Characters,

You made me laugh, every time you graced the screen. Mainly Michel, because I love a smart ass, but you were all priceless assets in my enjoyment of this show. I fully expect to see Kirk on a reality show someday...

God, I'm getting a little nostalgic, so I'll leave the last word to my husband, "Gilmore Girls: They talked fast. Sometimes... the French guy was funny."

You'll never know how hard it was for him to admit that...


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to write how much I enjoy your reviews for Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. You put so much in your entries, and this little retrospective was heart-wrenching after having watched the finale. *bawls eyes out*

TV Addict said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, I had to do this before I watched the show or I'd have never made it through! :)