Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7x22

Gilmore Girls
Bon Voyage

So, I have this friend, Ellen. I love her for many reasons... she's funny and fabulous, yadda, yadda... but one of my favorite things? I can always count on her for a good TV cry.

Almost 4 years ago tonight, I was a year out of college, living by myself in Louisiana (yikes), sitting on the floor of my one bedroom apartment watching the Series Finale of
Dawson's Creek. As much as I loved DC when it started, I was only hanging on at the end by force of habit. I'd watched the show's writing decline and disappoint, and to this day, I still only own Season 1 (I like to pretend it stopped at 13 episodes.) - of course, it took me a while to come to this conclusion, and on this particular night I was rather disheveled. Like, sorta crying my eyes out. I'd grown up with that show. It started my senior year of high school and my friends and I were rather obsessive about it in college, gathering in a room (usually mine) every Wednesday night to watch - NO TALKING (except during commercials)!

Anyway (I have a point, I swear), Ellen and I called each other during commercials throughout the whole 2 hour finale - and when the credits started to roll, we were kinda blubbering. It didn't end how we wanted, and we were still totally wrecked. I think it had more to do with all the memories of college and friends and being apart, than Dawson and the gang, but whatever it was, it got me good. By the time El and I ended our chat, we were laughing at how silly we were, but we were also reminiscing about our favorite episodes and things we loved... and remembering
our friends.

We did that tonight with Gilmore Girls.

Ok, so I wasn't sitting alone in my apartment (which I still contend made me more emotional at DC's end), and I wasn't really blubbering, but there were tears. And they started coming about the time Lane and Rory sat down on the porch... and continued popping up 'til the end. Afterward, just like that night four years ago, Ellen and I discussed how much we loved the girls, how it was sort of funny and silly to get sad over the end of a TV show - and yet, how it's cool to have it be part of your life, something steady and there... like a good friend you hang out with every Tuesday night (even if they're pissing you off). And hey, by the end of our chat, we were laughing again as I coached El on all things The Office - she's just finished Season 1 and I felt the need to prepare her for the depth of this new obsession.

Still, our focus was The Girls.

The episode was obviously written to be a finale. Sure, they could have come back for more, but there was a definite "final tribute" flair to the script and the characters. I even noticed a little extra emotion from some of them, especially in the party scenes (Melissa).

Lorelai killed me, going into Rory's room while she was sleeping, and then, Rory's speech at the party, the look between she and Lorelai was amazing. I felt sort of like I was seeing Lauren and Alexis say, "Ok. We're good."

I'd have loved a hug or something between Emily and Lorelai, but again, those two characters will continue to see each other every week in that world. They weren't saying "goodbye," so I have to get over it. Richard's comments to Lorelai were very sweet and her promise to continue Friday Night Dinner a testament to how far they've all come.

And oh, my little Luke and Lorelai. The kiss was fabulous, solidifying it for us all. Sure, I'd have loved more action between them (say a little peck at the diner the next morning), and at the same time, I felt like they were saying, "This is it," with every action they took. No need for any big gesture because this is them, every day, from now on. If you knew me, you'd understand how monumental it is for me to say that... I'm a visual person, I like sight confirmation on things.

The last scene really got me. I'd heard it was a mirror of the Pilot, but still... so perfect, I think. Lorelai and Rory at Luke's, him working busily in the background. If I'd been Lauren or Alexis, I'd have burst into tears when they called cut.

Things like this always leave me thinking about the actors and the people who've been part of a show from the beginning, especially since this cast didn't get a group send-off. Maybe it's better that way, but I think I'd have wanted to say goodbye, no matter how many tears were involved. It changes their whole world in a way we, the audience, can't even comprehend. I can't imagine... lots of mixed emotions I assume.

It was a good run. Few shows are that lucky, and I'm glad I saw it all from the beginning. And a few years from now, I'll break out the DVDs and start all over again!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your earlier lovely tribute to "Gilmore Girls", and for this wonderful recap to a pitch-perfect finale to the show! I cried too, during the episode, and the final scene was just so so perfect (I didn't read any spoilers and was I glad I didn't).

Also, in total agreement with the "Dawson's Creek" finale. I've only watched a handful of season 1 episodes, but caught the series finale, and goodness! Really a terrific episode to end the series.

Finally, please do continue spreading the love for "The Office". I think it's the best show on TV right now, bar none. Its mix of caustic wit and heartwarming sweetness (I love Jim and Pam!) is just fantastic.

But tonight belongs to "Gilmore Girls". It's been a good solid run of 7 seasons, and I'll be sad to see it go, but the show ended on a high note. Thanks again for the recap!

Sarah said...

I almost cried as hard reading your review as I did during the actual finale. Unlike situations in past seasons I felt that the characters were true to their origins. When Rory told Lorelai 'you've given me everything I need..' I lost it completely.

I believe that everybody in the production knew it was truly going to be the last episode. We got some good 'see ya laters' which is how I prefer to say goodbye to people.

I don't know what I am going to do on my Tuesdays now...

ellen said...

Let's be honest that i even cried reading the blog and comments. Yep, you can always count on me for a good cry and the series finale deserved no less. Although my tears started a bit earlier than everyone else's. Like when i heard the first few notes and then the line "If your out on the road..." I know...i probably need help.
I echo so many of Brooke's comments. Especially the fact that it is much much more than the end to a show. The show itself represents so much more...memories, stories, people. And i think that is the best...to share the end of these things with the people and things they represent.
i couldn't have imagined a better ending to the show (the girls at Luke's) or the evening (a phonecall with my good friend).

ellen said...

whoa...sorry i just re-read my comment and realized it sounded a bit sappy. But hey, i guess that's me...one big sap.