Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Veronica Mars: 3x18

Veronica Mars
I Know What You'll Do Next Summer


So, I was really depending on Dick for some comic relief tonight. I even turned to hubby at one point, before the Dickster appeared, and said, "I need a good laugh, where's Dick?" A few minutes later, there he was - crying and yelling and emoting. I'm having a hard time processing... not that Dick doesn't have good reason to be a little pissy, we just don't usually see him that way.

And can we take a moment to focus on Piz? Nevermind his new show getting picked up by ABC today, let's discuss his sudden need to base life changing decisions on Veronica after like, two weeks of dating. Huh? Of course, she was completely oblivious, because, well... I'll let she and Mac take this one:

Mac: So, Pizney Land is the happiest place on earth?
Veronica: Happy enough. There's no roller coaster, but I think I can do without the adrenaline and nausea.

Yeah, she likes him, but he's not going to alter her life like other people have. Ahem. Or, as my observant spouse says, "Veronica doesn't even care about Fiz!" So, I'm guessing this "internship" his way of leaving the show if it comes back in current form next season?

And does anyone really think Vinnie is a viable candidate for sheriff - or even better, do we think the people in Neptune believe he is? I don't buy it, but whatever...

All in all... I'm feeling blase on this one. I expect that to change next week.

Two hours next Tuesday. Possibly the last two hours ever. I'm not okay with that. I repeat: I AM NOT OKAY WITH THAT! Rob Thomas better be serious about that whole movie thing if the CW says no to Season 4. And if the CW says no... well, let's not go there right now.

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