Friday, May 18, 2007

FOX "upfronted" by CW.

Henceforth known as, The Network I No Longer Watch. I'm not boycotting or anything that drastic, but I don't watch Smallville or Supernatural, so there's nothing drawing me in... especially when you take all your quality programming and replace it with a reality show about a farmer... well, I gotta boogie.

Their schedule is confusing me at the moment. I'm gonna be caught up on 24 by September... but it's not on the fall schedule. Is it one of those that doesn't start 'til January? And if so, what's its usual time slot? I'll also be watching House and it appears he's on Tuesday... nice Gilmore/Veronica replacement. Lastly, I know Rashida Jones' new show, The Rules for Starting Over, got picked up, but I do NOT see it on the schedule. Can anyone clarify this for me? Fox, help me out!


Anonymous said...

Hi, "24" does indeed usually start in January, and runs new episodes continuously until May. Its timeslot this season is Mondays at 9 (same as "Heroes"....bummer)..I'm assuming the timeslot will remain the same next season

TV Addict said...

Yikes, that does suck. It seems official that I'm gonna need the Tivo that records two things at once!