Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7x20

Gilmore Girls
Lorelai? Lorelai?

I'm at a loss as to the reasoning for this episode title... anyone have an idea?

(Edit: Kudos to Sarah. I didn't even consider Logan's, "Lorelai? Lorelai?" at the end of the episode. Good call!)

Well, it appears Rory's still working the job crisis storyline. So much so, that she's reverted to Chilton nightmares where Lorelai needs a "break" and the Gellar's (I feel certain Paris would make Doyle take her name...) inhabit her home. On the bright side, she could still angle for Emily and Richard to get that apartment in New York. Consolation prize, anyone? Okay, so I feel for her, I do, but most people go through this sort of thing at some point in life. Good she's getting it out of the way now... not at, say... 26 or 27. Ahem...

Aaaaannnyway. As familiar as I might be with Rory's plight, I think it was sort of formulated (in this episode) for the purpose of getting Lorelai on the karaoke stage so she could sing "I Will Always Love You" to Luke. Not that Rory's story is unimportant (but compared with Luke and Lorelai, it sorta is...) because she's gonna have way bigger fish to fry next week! Like mega big. Get the girl a job so she's not in career AND relationship crisis all at once! Whatever would we do??

Moving on to the important things in life, like Luke's blue hat.

"Today I walk into the diner and... there it is! Atop his head!"

The only thing I love more than the fact that Lorelai said the word, "atop," is that she's so nervous around Luke right now. Sorta cute. And his face when she was singing was very sweet. Maybe I'm biased by my love for Luke, because I'm usually totally cheesed out when guys get all "soft" on TV. You know what I mean... their voices shift, their mouths change and they look all woolly in the eyes. I call it the Chandler Syndrome. (Love me some Matthew Perry, but he was the worst at this in Friends. I know I can't be the only one who's noticed this...)

I was only mildly interested in Lane and Zach's dilemma. But considering I live with a person who's gone more than half the year touring with his band, two months didn't really strike me as a long haul...

Lastly, Logan. Tsk, tsk, tsk. The boy has to know this is a bad idea. HAS to. I get not wanting to lose Rory, but he knows she's not ready for this - not with the career she wants! It's not gonna be pretty. I love those two together, but I have a feeling this could throw them to an early grave. *sigh* However, Lauren's face was priceless in the last frame of the episode! And Logan's voice during the credits was a nice touch.

Those Gilmores have a flair for the dramatic!


Sarah said...

At the very end of the episode Logan after he asks for her blessing- he says her name twice. Thus the title?

Good-to-great episode. I almost forgot the rest of the season storyline. Was Rory really clueless about Lorelai singing to Luke? The rest of the town knew.

I can imagine how 2 months doesn't seem long after what you go through. Babies grow so much in just a couple of weeks though... It was nice to see Lane.

Great review!

TV Addict said...

Genius! You're exactly right!

And, yeah, the singing seems like something Rory would have brought up the next morning... who knows.

It was good to see Lane!! I miss her and Rory from the old days.