Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Veronica Mars: 3x16

Veronica Mars
Un-American Graffiti

Let's get the basics out of the way.
Or: Things you should know about me and Veronica Mars.
1. I'm pretty much always on Veronica's side. Mean, sad, funny, sassy... she can do no wrong.
2. So what if Logan's the obligatory psychotic jack-ass. He's Veronica's obligatory psychotic jack-ass. What can I say? Sarcasm is very attractive.
3. Wallace! Come, on! MORE Wallace!
4. There's nothing quite as funny as a Veronica/Keith scence.
5. I miss Lamb, I do. But when it comes to funny, idiotic one-liners... Dick's a good second.
6. This show is pretty quotable. Not so much as The Office, but still plenty of joy to spread around.

Last time on Veronica Mars...

Um, no one remembers last time. It was like 6 months ago, so let's just focus on tonight.

(It's been a while, so this is gonna be lengthy. For this, I do not apologize.)

So, we've entered the episodic mystery period of VM. I loved the season long arcs, but I'm up for whatever they do to keep this show afloat. Plus, I have too many other stressful shows (LOST, Heroes, The Office) stripping me of my sanity, so it's good that V is cooling off on the intense mysteries. As for tonight, I thought they handled a rather sensitive subject really well...

What I loved:

1. Veronica at the middle school. See, I taught 8th grade. I know the things some of those kids will say and do, so I found her explanation of female development and the "we need firemen, too" comment, to be priceless!

2. Pelting the guys with paint balls. We all have people we'd like to do that to. That's part of her charm... living vicariously.

3. Dick. By sheer virtue of the fact that he calls himself, "The Dickster." Others would shake their head in shame... not our boy.

4. Mac and Logan with their teenage movie banter.

5. Veronica in at the One Hour Photo lab. Omar Sharif and Desert Fever? Seriously. The girl is quick.

6. Keith making Bon Jovi and Biggie Smalls I.D.s for Piz and Wallace.

7. Dick and Veronica in the elevator. V wiping off the lip of the flask...

8. Logan sending the swing dancer to torture Veronica. "Are you kidding? When I told him my name, he did that whole, banana-fana-fo-fana thing."

9. Logan's face - and by extension, Veronica's - when he caught her and Piz kissing. I sense some classic, Logan/Veronica angst, with a side of jealousy.

Things I ask myself:

First off, am I really supposed to believe Logan's so into Parker that he's reformed, going to class and putting his face on a cake? Gross. Because I don't believe that... especially not after his seeing that look at the end of the episode. I'm just sayin'...

Does Mac like Bronson? Or Max? I'm confused. Better yet, where is Bronson?

What did Keith keep calling Piz? Why was I totally uninterested in his bar raid storyline? Whatever. Honestly, I think it was used to show us how some people might react to having a real sheriff again... perhaps some foreshadowing of the future...?

I give in...

Fine! I like Piz. A LITTLE. He does goob me out at times and I'm not joining his fan club anytime soon, but I can handle him. (Maybe I'm dealing with his and Veronica's kiss so well because I know he's only signed on for one season.) And he might even be good for our girl, V - for a little while. Of course, the I think the heart of the whole debate was most eloquently stated by a friend of mine, just moments ago:

"What I like about PizOnica is that Logan will now get jealous...and therefore really hot." Wise sage, that girl.

Then there's the husband. He's a huge fan of the show (*cough*KristenBell*cough*), and called from out of town to impart wisdom on the Piz/Veronica conundrum:

Hubby: The fact that she fell for Piz is just sad and pathetic.
Why is it sad and pathetic?
Hubby: *fake sniff* Because it wasn't me. He's not good enough for her, but like she said, she's dating down.

Some of my favorite exchanges:

Keith: Look at these ads. Two for Tuesday, It's Raining Gin, Dollar Shot Night.
Veronica: Let me change first. Man, you party hard!

Keith: Bucket-O-Beer Bonanza? You have any idea if they're known for allowing underage drinking?
Veronica: Famous for is more like it. It's nicknamed The Cake for how easy it is to get in, but most of the campus area bars are pretty lax... From what I've heard. 'Cuz the only buckets I order come in original and extra crispy.

Veronica: Fly's open.
Dick: I know. Party ritual.
Dick: Veronica Mars... what's that line about the beginning of some sort of friendship?

Veronica: Ugh, yeah. Nothing says "I'm over you" like dating down.

Dick: Talked it over, and they're into it.
Logan: Into it?
Dick: Double Mint, baby.
Logan: They're becoming twins?
Dick: What? Dude, I don't have time for this!

Granger is sad because...
He saw Mommy's friend, Veronica, kiss Piz, and he's pretty sure Backup wouldn't like it if he knew. Plus, Piz has a silly name... of course, Granger thinks he maybe can't talk about silly names considering Mommy named him after a Harry Potter character.


josh said...

Oh My God this portion of the blog is incredible. Granger's thoughts are pretty much what the world is thinking...only in a dog language that we cannot comprehend.

Ernest said...

"the dude abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that."

I thought with the Pulp Fiction and South Park references they'd forget about the Dude but Dick didn't let me down.

and Wallace is a good man. It's good to see him again.

Karen said...

"Hubby" is funny. Retarded...but funny.

TV Addict said...

yeah, josh was a fan of the movie references... and seriously!! wallace, my gosh, bring the boy back to the circle.

Alyssa said...

"Stosh" is Piz's first name!