Wednesday, May 2, 2007

LOST: 3x19

The Brig
(A Locke Episode)

So... I have this feeling I may not have a lot to say about last night. You know, other than the usual, WTF? As far as story progression goes, there wasn't much. Sure, a few little nuggets here and there, but it was more of a wacked out emotional ride - for Sawyer as much, if not moreso, than Locke. Kinda weird and twisted. But we'll get to that later...

What we learned...

1. Naomi was hired by Penny - I think that was a given last week - but she offered a few tidbits of rather interesting fodder:
a) Flight 815 was found like, 4 miles beneath the ocean, by cameras that confirmed the bodies were also there. Verrrrry strange. This leads me to believe no one has actually ID'd the bodies and confirmed anything... so, it's quite possible this "found plane," is a plant. Right?
b) The map/grid Naomi was given, showed her flying over the middle of the ocean, no land in sight. Quite convenient to see a speck of land as her helicopter is going down... *scratches head* So, are we supposed to believe this chick or not? Seems Sayid has his questions...

2. Jack and Juliet have a secret. My thoughts: She told him about Ben's plan, the tape recorder - all of it - and the two of them are working on a double cross. Of course, in the meantime, Jack's losing sight of the fact that his association with Juliet is causing rumbles in the camp. Can he be trusted? We KNOW he can. He's Jack... and he has his reasons. From the conversation/argument with Kate (which I enjoyed), it's obvious they're (Jack and Juliet) planning to tell the camp - or at least Kate - at some point, but the time's not right. However, we know Sawyer's on his way back with said tape recorder in hand... and Jack's got some 'splaining to do. Like why, "If you have something to say, you can say it in front of Juliet." Excuse me while I gag.

Locke is a freak...

I'm sorry, but he is.

So, I think everyone figured out Locke's dad was the original Sawyer before tonight. The question is, how did Benry and crew put it all together? I wish Locke could see just badly he's being manipulated. I mean, seriously, Richard went to Locke on his own? I don't believe that. And we KNOW Ben doesn't want Locke left behind too long because then his leg tingles go away... so what's his game? And I'm just shooting off at the mouth, but I think it plays a huge part in this big "game changer" Carlton and Damon keep talking about. You're all familiar with this discussion, right?

And perhaps we should question why killing his father makes Locke a good person. A free person... 'cause last time I checked, killing someone could leave a mark on the murderer. *shrug* The fact that Ben tried to wrangle Locke in front of the whole came (kids included!) doesn't make him look very "good" to me. It actually sort of makes him a little bit sucky. Of course, I like Ben's character... because I can easily hate him. Actually, I think it's gonna be pretty cool to get a glimpse of his life - and hopefully his motives - next week.

In other news, I'm fairly certain the season finale of this show will leave me in a pre-verbal state... just warning you.


Karen said...

Okay so you know Landon is from Jasper, Alabama. He was thrilled that his hometown got a shout out last night.

TV Addict said...

ha! did he post about it?