Thursday, May 3, 2007

Gilmore Girls Gone!


I wasn't lobbying for an 8th Season and I'm the camp that says, "let them go out with some dignity," but I must say, when I saw the news a few moments ago on E!, I was surprised... and a little sad. This is a "once upon a time" favorite show of mine - and will always be tops on my list of smart, funny, heartfelt... quality television. It had its ups and downs, but no matter what, the girls pulled through somehow. So yeah, I'm gonna miss my weekly overload of estrogen (and probably need a box of tissue on May 15), but the beauty of technology is that it allows Lorelai and Rory's quick wit and neverending dialogue to live on in my DVD collection (much to my husband's chagrin), forever!

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Sarah said...

I'm right there too! I thought I was ready, but then I heard the official word and I choked up a little.