Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: 3x24

Grey's Anatomy
Burning Down the House

It comes in waves - disappointment.

You sit down on Thursday nights, the little red light on your TIVO promising another episode of a show you like enough to spend an hour of your evening involved in its fictional world. You get attached. You talk about the characters and the story and you think, "Wow, it's been a while since TV was smart... this show is upping the bar."

And then it stops. Grey's hasn't felt right to me since it came back from hiatus after Christmas... and I'd stop complaining and nix the side comments if I thought I was the only one. But I don't. Actually, I know I'm not. What I don't know, is where to begin dissecting my thoughts (and yes, it's sarcastic and I'm annoyed, so take my words with a grain of very frustrated salt)...

Meredith and Derek
Honestly, I don't understand the concept of constant upheaval. Shonda can rationalize this situation until she's blue in the face and I'll still maintain - there was no real period of happiness. No payoff. We, as an audience, watched this couple fight to be together for two seasons. Watched them hurt and cry and heal and still not be able to deny one another... then, before we've ever really seen them together, she's suddenly falling in the water and losing her mom and her fake mom and her dad and Derek doesn't know if he wants to be Chief or have Meredith and I'm sitting here thinking: "Um... what?" I'm sorry. I get that Meredith's damaged, but this is ridiculous. At this point, I could care less, and that's sad, because I think they're supposed to be that couple we always root for.

Burke and Christina
*sigh* Don't get me started on the cliche that was that entire marriage storyline. I think everyone could tell from a mile away that Burke was going to call off the wedding and "set her free," as it were. Sure, Sandra Oh's a great actress and the last scene was all a testament to her ability. I actually got that she was relieved and destroyed and completely unsure of what to do next... but on paper, I bet that scene read about as well as a Danielle Steele novel. And speaking of trashy romance novels and large amounts of romanticized CHEESE... can we talk about Burke's vows? Sorry, that may just be me. I'm NOT a romantic in that way. At all. I was totally goobed out.

Huh? Callie wants a baby? Yeah, that will really be the glue to hold you and George together. NOT a good call. Bailey's not Chief Resident, Callie is? George failed the test? And really, I'm still sort of stunned that I'm supposed to believe Izzie and George are in love when they never so much as approached the topic before the slept together. I don't buy it...

The "race" for Chief
Such a cop out. Seriously...

Alex and Ava

I think everyone has mixed feelings here. I LOVE the idea of those two. I liked the Alex I saw with Ava, but again with the, "making a declaration, turning it down, ships passing in the night, I barely missed you as I ran back into the hospital," cliche.

Here's my issue. The show is getting preachy and theme-y and way too soap opera-esque. I get that it sort of was to begin with, but it was a much more quality version than it is right now and I'm KIND OF upset about that. Nevermind the lack of respect for marriage and the recycled storylines. And in relation to this episode specifically... is it possible we could have tied up at least ONE storyline without issue or questions?

And still...
I'll continue to watch, because I know shows go through slumps and pull themselves out, and Grey's deserves that I give it a fair chance. Things fluctuate, right? This time next year I could be singing a different tune...


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