Monday, May 21, 2007

Brothers and Sisters: 1x23

Brothers and Sisters

I've said it once (like a broken record, I know), I'll say it again - I LOVE the Walkers! The final scene, with them all jumping into the swimming pool, was my absolute favorite. Seriously, if you need a fake family, let the Walkers adopt you!

Justin tried to wrench my little heart out, saying goodbye and not saying goodbye to everyone. The scene between him and Nora was lovely... and proved why Sally Field is Sally Field. I was glad he and Rebecca had a moment together and that she came clean to him. She actually seems genuinely sorry and more than a little damaged by her time in Chicago. Of course, we're left waiting for her to tell Sarah, but there's next season for that. I did want to kick Justin a little for sneaking out early, but the scene with Kitty and Nora at the airport was worth it. Now, I'm left wondering... how is he in the show next year?

Random, small notation: They've got to be setting Julia up for a bigger storyline next year. Depression or something from the looks of last night's episode.

And Robert's family is crazier than the Walkers, in a totally annoying way. Walker, 'jumping in the pool with all your clothes on' crazy, I can handle. McAlister crazy, I'm not so sure about. Good grief, I'd have gone ballistic when the tent fell! Plus, a family like that has to have some skeletons in its closet... especially when it comes to their golden boy. Should be very interesting to find out what they are.

Kevin kills me. And anytime he wants to take me to Wicked (with Dave), I'm ready. He's right, you can't NOT love that musical. Plus his gay standoff in the place Nora was renting, cracked me up. Probably because I see my boss say stuff like that ALL the time. And can't you see him walking around with a pitcher of margaritas... I love him completely for his superiority complex.

No resolution for Sarah and Joe. Understandable as there's a lot of ground to cover.

What else? Oh, oh! I loved the fight between Kitty and Nora over the party and moving out, etc. Rebecca's comment was priceless, "Wow. That was amazing." So true...

And I don't know what to think about this development for Saul, since he seemed to have the hots for Holly... maybe he's bisexual like Michael Scott's suit.

Guess we'll find out in SEASON 2!

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Paco said...

there are few things better for me in that show than Kevin in full on "lawyer" mode. Love him!

The way Kitty jumped-n-clapped when he told her that he had "sucked face" with Minister Mcallister? I love this fuckin show so much its ridiculous.