Monday, May 21, 2007

Heroes, Chapter 23

Chapter 23
How to Stop an Exploding Man


I'm a little confused. But let's cut to the chase before we ponder the end.

First off, HELLO! We found out Mr. Bennett's name! That was rather exciting... Noah. I like it.

So, in general, I enjoyed the episode, but I wasn't exactly on the edge of my seat. Don't get me wrong, the idea of Nathan flying off with Peter hadn't come to mind (I'm not sure why... better yet, I'm not sure why Peter couldn't fly off on his own) and was a great twist on it all, but I still wasn't exactly... satisfied by the episode. I loved seeing all the heroes together in New York, and that Nikki got a good hit in on Sylar, but I think I'd put too much stock in this ending I kept hearing about... maybe someone else will have better insight than me... maybe I will if I think on it longer. This is just initial reaction...

That said, I do appreciate the book being closed, as it were, on Chapter 1. No wondering if the bomb went off or who it was going to be, but we were still left with plenty of questions (it wouldn't be a finale if we weren't), so I'll start there:

1. Where is Peter?

2. Is Nathan alive?

3. What about Parkman? (I could have told him Sylar was gonna shoot those things back at him!)

4. Where did sluggy Sylar go and HOW is he still alive?

5. If this part of the story is over, how do we keep all the Heroes crossing paths?

6. Does Mohinder (I've never discussed what a cutie he is) keep Molly or do DL and Nikki?

7. Why is Hiro in 1641 and why am I supposed to think that's so cool?

Honestly, the "first three minutes of season 2" the cast kept touting at Upfronts... sort of annoyed me. I mean, I love Hiro, but can't he just pop back out of there? And sorry, but I was a little more concerned about the fate of Peter (and his lovely, lovely hair - sorry, it's fabulous) and Nathan.

Still, I trust the show. It had a banner first season and got stronger as it went. I don't understand the impact of this "Generations" storyline and how it will impact the heroes as they are, but I suppose that's the point of a season - to expound on such things.

See, this is where the idea of patience comes in, and I happen to not have any.


Sarah said...

You aren't the only one who was less than satisfied by the finale. I feel like I'm missing something really important, but I know that I have watched every minute of the darn season. Why would Claire hesitate to shoot Peter, he can come back to life! Milo has to come back next season obviously, they would dare take away their second prettiest boy- Mohinder being first. It just left me with ho hum questions and not punch in the gut ones. It was only a matter of time before we found out HRG Bennett's first name. I thought they might pull a Sex and the City on us and wait till the end of the series- but I like the name Noah.

On a different note- congrats on having Ross answer a question in Captain Answer. I posted for the first time in the comments about his talky blog. I was bored so I started clicking on other posters names and was directed to your site. I still haven't thought of anything good to ask.

Sarah said...

wow, that was long

TV_Addict said...

I just went and looked for your comment. I would love an Islands in the Stream rendition myself... I was laughing out loud at that talky blog!

Re: Heroes. Yeah, I don't know. GMMR loved it. I did not. Like you said, just mediocre questions, nothing that's gonna leave me wondering all summer.

P.S. We like long. :)

Wendell said...

This episode left me wanting for more like (Ive come to find out) a whole lot of other people. The whole thing couldve been great. The whole series ive been waiting to have this whole full-out battle between two heroes. So the whole Sylar vs Peter thing wouldve been great since both of them have other powers to use, especially since there were all these other heroes around them during the fight.

The whole Sylar surviving and nobody even noticing? irks me to no end. Peter's little dream with Charles? irks me to even no MORE end (if that even makes sense). I feel that whole sequence didnt make sense. Was it like the whole "im going to explode" premonition dream or did Charles have some power that let him talk 2 Peter somehow? irked.

One thing that satisfied me tho? Peters hair. I just wanna brush it.

and OMG! FINALLY FINALLY it seems they are bringing the eclipse is brought into the equation. I kept waiting for the muthafucking eclipse to be shown...