Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Veronica Mars: 3x19, 3x20

Veronica Mars
Weevils Wobble, But They Don't Go Down
The Bitch is Back


Kristen Bell is a TV goddess and the network shutting her down is really pissing me off. I loved every second "the bitch" was back and found myself thinking what an amazing season 4 we could have. Not a season set four years in the future, but one that picked up where we left off tonight. Jake Kane, people! Jake Kane was back and Veronica was in charge!

Instead, she walked off in the rain... completely unhappy, with nothing resolved.

I seriously think network television needs to rethink its renewal policy. Upfronts should be earlier in the season, giving creators, cast, crew, etc., time to round things out if they discover they won't be returning... if for no other reason than the fans and the people watching, waiting, following the action, getting attached to characters and storyline.

And all I had were questions...
What happened when the list was exposed? Do we see Weevil return to his old ways? Who won the sheriff's race? What happened to Keith? How was Veronica's internship? What about The Castle? The threats from its members?

Nevermind the completely shallow Logan and Veronica lover in me. Yeah, we got a smile and a glimmer of hope at the end... but how do they get back to something? And we knew months ago that Piz had a new show, so how did he exit Neptune? What about Mac? What about Wallace? What about Dick? How do you stop an exploding man... wait, wrong show. Seriously, HOW am I supposed to be okay with this?

Things that stood out tonight:

1. Dick's multiple personalities. From Dickster to crying in 60 seconds. I so love him for it. And seriously, he quoted The Office. This is one of life's great tragedies: we're canceling shows that quote The Office...? And how did I not see that Dick and Michael Scott are one in the same person?

2. Logan, Piz and Veronica at the beach. Awkwaaaard.

3. Weevil!

4. Logan channeling a little Aaron Echolls. At least he apologized to Piz.

5. Veronica. The Bitch was back and taking it on. Intelligent, cool and funny to boot.

I could say more, but it'll just depress me.

I need quotes to make me happy.

Veronica: She has the right to remain famished. (cracks up at herself)

Dick: Who you talkin’ to?
Logan: Parker.
Dick: Park ‘er? I don’t even know her.

Dick: This new wetsuit’s like a cheap motel. No ballroom.

Mac: I feel so bad for Wallace. He needs more thrust. (Dick laughs)
Logan: Don’t say it.
Dick: That’s what she said.

Veronica: I guess you’re all asking yourself why I called this meeting. What? That’s comedy gold.

Piz: I guess he was pissed about that thing that happened at the beach. I think he still likes you.

Veronica: Dick, get out here.
Dick: (in a small voice) What’s up, V?
Veronica: If you had to bet?
Dick: Look, from a guy’s perspective, the video just made your stock go up. You looked great. Enthusiasm? Always a plus.
Veronica: It’s like, you’re this giant, jackass piƱata, begging for someone to be the candy out of you.

Veronica: After all these years, do you not instinctively fear me? Maybe you should write yourself a note.

Veronica: You are going to be sooo popular in hell.

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Karen said...

Veronica: bare breasts you say? really? hmmm.

Mac: Score one for Teen People!