Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Enemy, thy name is CW.

Tonight, the CW aired two of the best Veronica Mars episodes of the season... and now we're left in a lurch. Rob Thomas provided set-up for a BRILLIANT season 4 and The CW (geniuses that they are) chose "quality" programming like The Pussycat Dolls and Farmer Wants a Wife, over an hour of intelligent, strong-minded, quality programming. I can see how the world might not function if we don't meet our yearly reality TV quota and continue warping the minds of America's youth. I know if I were a mom, I'd rather my kid watch a show with a bunch of slutty girls in no clothes parade and exploit themselves across the screen, than see a smart, flawed, real character deal with issues in an interesting, creative, non-mind numbing way.

It's ridiculous. It's insanity... it's completely unbelievable and ludicrous. So excuse me while I vent a little frustration, but CW... I sort of hate you right now.

OH! And by the way... if you're going to cancel a show, don't give its audience false hope by calling it a Season Finale on your website AND during programming.

*deep breaths*

The CW has until June 15 for a final decision... let's hope they prove me wrong.

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