Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOST: 3x22

Through the Looking Glass
(A Jack Episode)


Wow. I mean, I knew... but... wow.

HOLY @%!* Moments...
1. Sayid snapping dude's neck with his legs.
2. Hurley running a man down with the van.
3. Sawyer killing YET another person.
4. Danielle and Alex, face to face.
5. Um... Kate and Jack. Off the island?!

That's right... THEY GOT OFF THE ISLAND!
Well, at least Jack and Kate did. I loved my happy, emotional, stirring, LOST music, all of the characters hugging when Jack made the call... only to see him broken, crying, and wishing to go back a few minutes later. We weren't given any clues, but I think it's been a while since their rescue. Sarah wasn't shocked to see Jack in the hospital and even said, "Are you drinking again," like they'd been through it all before. Kate's behavior, Jack's words... all lend me toward this conclusion - but what do I know? I'm just guessing. So why are they not happy to be home? Even though Kate doesn't look "terrible," she doesn't look happy. I'm thinking she's running from the pain, while Jack's taking it all on... pretty characteristic of them both.

As for Jack and Kate...
First off... he told her he loves her! Totally unselfishly and knowing she's been hookin' it up with someone else. That's my Jack. All the girls at our finale party were sort of melty from that one. ;) And can we talk about home free Kate not being a fugitive?? What's the deal with that? And having "him" wondering where she is. I'm sure everyone's mind immediately went to Sawyer - I think that's what they want us to think - which leads me to think it's someone else entirely. All that aside, it's obvious, even with all the dark, twisty angst, Jack and Kate still have some sort of connection. When he pulled her to him and said, "I'm sick of lying. We made a mistake," I saw the old Kate/Jack chemistry. She still cares, but she can't deal with him as he is now and whatever happened between them... which tells me, it's affecting her too. My husband said, "I'd think she'd be more concerned about him." As do I, which adds to my theory that it's been a while since they got off the island. Should be interesting to follow...

Let's talk about the Foxy...

See, now I told you up front, I'm a Jack Shepard fan. Why? Hmmm... let's see... did you watch with me tonight? Matthew Fox was AMAZING. I mean, I seriously hate seeing Dr. Giggles on a downward spiral, but he gave us some massive range. When he finally beat the hell out Henry, we were all cheering. And the tears and the caring and the leading... he was so strong as "island Jack," so the contrast of present Jack was a bit daunting to process. And I think that's why he needs to go back. Whatever happened during rescue, whatever secrets Jack and Kate are keeping... they have to be pretty big and pretty destructive to put Jack in the place he is - which, by the way, is completely lost!!! (seriously, he's still lost, even though he's home, I think I may have hit on something here) - back on dry land.

Charlie's big send-off...

Never my favorite character, but I was totally feeling the Charlie love tonight. He stepped it up and took it like a man. I mean, come on... shutting Desmond out of the hatch to save him (thank goodness!) and still having the forethought to pass along a VERY important nugget of info from Penny. We had lots of time to say goodbye, and I even hoped he'd pull through in the end, but when it came down to it, Charlie's character departed in an incredible tribute to the whole spirit of the show - these characters, these people, finding peace and overcoming their past. Seriously, though, the final shot of him in the water, crossing himself... wow.

So, what do we know?
1. Jack made contact with Naomi's boat and it's headed toward the island.

2. Penny knows Desmond's alive, so we can bet she'll have men on it ASAP.

3. Desmond knows Naomi's boat is NOT Penny's, so he can warn Jack and the LOSTies. Of course, since we know where Jack ended up, something obviously went down that Desmond couldn't stop.

4. Kate and Jack made it off the island.

5. Something happened between Jack's radio call and his post-island meeting with Kate - and it's shaken them to the core.

Things we don't know... (besides a lot)
1. How the HELL is Walt on the island?

2. What happened when Naomi's boat arrived?

3. Who was in the coffin?

4. Who made it off the island besides Jack and Kate?

5. Why does Jack want to go back?

Season 4?
There are so many directions they could go from here. Do they remain in the present and have flashbacks occur on the island, showing us how they were rescued and what happened in the process? Or are we still on the island in its time period, watching the future (I don't think it's this one, for the record)? Are the next three years about Jack, Kate and whoever else, getting back to the island, finding their redemption? Come the end, in May 2010, after everything I've read, I highly doubt our creators will leave us dissatisfied with the state of our heroes. It would be pretty upsetting to leave Jack as he is now, the fate of everyone else in the air. No, I think this show will end with an air of hope (the question is, how do they get there)... but good grief... who the hell could predict?

All I know is this:
1. LOST is amazing.
2. 8 months is unacceptable!!!


Wendell said...

Im still... stupefied by that finale. Amazing... thats all I can say.

HEROES... thats how a finale's supposed to leave you... not looking at the tv quizzically looking at the tv thinking how something was missing from that.

No... a finales supposed to leave you frantically running to the computer to see what other people's thoughts are, anxiously awaiting the next day to discuss the episode at the office and making you have weird show-related dreams due to how shocked you were with the episode....

Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more Wendell. I have so many other obligations today, but I can't stop thinking about the finale. Every moment was thrilling, and I have to re-watch it. Heroes should definitely take some notes.

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