Sunday, May 27, 2007

Studio 60: 1x17

Studio 60
The Disaster Show

Issues and all, I'm a fan of this show. Maybe it's my fascination with the way TV is run, how it gets done and put on the air, that keeps me coming back. It would seem I'm in the minority as there are only 5 more episodes to air, but that's okay. I'll take 'em - if for no other reason than it means I'm seeing something new on TV this summer.

Stories like Simon's double Hawaii dates and the never ending saga of Matt and Harriet, can be rather annoying, but the show consistently amuses and holds my attention, so I follow along.

I really like Tom and Lucy (maybe because she's the British Pam), and I LOVE Jordan - not so sure about her and Danny. It's possible, however, that Timothy Busfield's character, Cal, is my favorite. He cracks me up.

I don't have tons to say about the episode. Funny, in a disastrous way that usually makes me cringe. And Cal's comments to Christine at the end, about having the time of her life and being so blessed to do what she does, were fantastic. I like that they worked some heart in at the end.

It won't change my world when it goes off the air, but I will miss it...

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Ernest said...

For a better (and funnier) view of what the backstage of TV show is like go check out the new DVDs "Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show"

Not only an amazingly hysterical and complex show but some of the best DVD extras I've ever seen. His interviews with celebrities like Sharon Stone, Jerry Seinfeld and Carol Burnett are really intimate and interesting. Watching it these last few weeks has been the only thing distracting me from the pain of losing Veronica and having to wait till Feb. to get back to Lost.

As for 60 - it's over, I'm not going back I read the SNL behind the scenes book it seems to take liberally from, I don't think I'm missing much.