Friday, May 11, 2007

Jet planes and ferry boats...

There will be no Grey's Anatomy post tonight because... well, I really don't care. It could have something to do with my need to watch The Office again, but I think it's a general lack of interest in recapping all the whining.

I don't really mean that (I sorta do), but it's late. I'm tired, I'm drained from the stress of the day (and The Office), and I still need to pack because I'm flying out tomorrow morning, headed to St. Louis to meet a friend for the weekend. So excited! About what?
We're going to the Damien Rice concert!

Love him and the songs and the Irish accent! I know Lisa is gone, but I still fully expect to be wow-ed by the show! And of course, Saturday, we're going shopping (H&M better have something good), so it's just a fantastic weekend all around!

Hmmm... wonder if Jenna's in town visiting the fam?

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