Wednesday, May 16, 2007

LOST: 3x21

Greatest Hits
(A Charlie Episode)

So... it's possible I've seen a few things flying about in the recent spoiler hurricane, which means it's probable I knew Charlie wasn't dying tonight... and I still got a little choked up. No falling tears or anything, but geez, they really laid into us with the build up!

Charlie's never been my favorite one way or the other - I know people who love him and others who loathe him - but whatever you think of the character, there's no denying Dom did a great job tonight. The scene between he and Des in the boat was fantastic (we won't get into the hotness of Desmond, skulking around in his half-opened shirt) and the stuff with Claire and Aaron and the list - very bittersweet. We won't know how it all plays out 'til next week, but things aren't looking so good at the moment. Who knows what could happen? (Yeah, only half the internet...) I, for one, hope Charlie makes it...

Otherwise, the purpose of tonight was preparation... on all levels. While the LOSTies get ready for battle, we need to prepare our minds for the inevitable, end of the season mind frak.

What do we know going in?

1. Jack's leading a group toward the radio tower, where there's no telling what we'll find...

2. Sayid's taken over the showdown, but Ben's not going down without a fight.

3. Charlie has yet to flip the switch, so as it stands, the signal's still jammed.

4. Desmond's knocked out on the boat.

5. Locke's laying in a shallow grave.

6. The Others are coming early, unaware their ambush has been ambushed.

In this state, we begin the finale.

I'm so, so, so, so excited and totally freaked out! I make no apologies for loving spoilers, but I still can't wait for next week... because even if/when I know what's going down, the actual event never fails to shock me as if I had no clue... especially when that event is LOST. Our weekly watching party is gonna be a blowout, complete with food and fun (the Season 2 Premiere involved a Luau, complete with leis and fruity drinks - we're not playing around, people), so I can't wait to see the faces and hear all the chatter when the credits roll next Wednesday. It's gonna be zoppity.

And, I'm sorry, but can we talk about Jack's, "I love you," in the preview? I'm not a militant couple lover when it comes to this show, but I do prefer Kate with Jack, so... swoon!


Wendell said...

Im glad Im not the only Jack/Kate lover. Kate and Sawyer, yes there are feelings there but Jack and Kate just fit together in my head.

tv_addit said...

I'm the same way... it's never paid off for me to get pissed about coupledom, but i can't help it who i like. :) and I think *hope* there are a good number of jack and kate fans out there - i love it when i read quotes about them from people involved with the show. i think they get it too...

thanks for reading!