Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Veronica Mars: 3x17

Veronica Mars
Debasement Tapes

My husband is not sure he's a fan of the single episode arc. He apparently, "needs the tension" of a season-long mystery. Of course, after debating this for about 2 minutes, he looked a me and said, "Why am I complaining about TV this much? Why don't I just watch it?"

While I was also less than pleased with the outcome of tonight's "mystery," it was still a fun episode, if for no other reason than all the Logan and Mac banter. Why are they my new favorite team? (Not couple. No, no, no...)

Plus, on what other show do you get an egg plant/lasagna debate to decide the fate of a relationship? (Poor Bronson.) Or the local sheriff arguing the Beatles with an imprisoned rock star? Or Dick in a video... running over his own foot... laughing with pride at his accomplishment? Yeah, no other show offers the pure joy that is Dick Casablancas.

And let's not forget Paul Rudd (spectacular). Who doesn't love him? He did a great job with the character and had me cracking up the whole show. You've got a popular rocker, turned gritty alcoholic, turned reformed singer/songwriter... all because of Piz. Anyone think we're about to get overloaded with visuals on the difference between him and Logan? And can we talk about all the names Desmond called Piz? I caught: Fez, Pus, Plex, Pez, Puz and Pizzen.

I'm happy to have more Wallace these days, but what's really interesting is Leo's return. What's up with that? Not to mention Vinnie (excuse me?) running for sheriff?? We're definitely being set up for something... and from what I hear, the tone of the final episode is on form for a season - not series - finale, so the CW better not cut my girl from the fall lineup. Hear me, Dawn?

Lastly, there's nothing like a good Logan/Veronica elevator moment to set your heart all aflutter. Why is he suddenly all post-relationship jealous of Piz? Feeling a little green, Logan?

As usual, Veronica was in fine form...

Grace: Advice? Never meet your idol.
Desmond: More advice? Always confirm the accuracy of photos.

Desmond: Why don't we go to Mexico, get really weird?

Veronica: I mean, the Bronson Parmagiana's good for me, but ooo, the Maxuccini looks awfully tempting.

Desmond: How old are you, Monica?
Veronica: I'm eleven.

Desmond: Wow. All business. Deadly.

Desmond: Did she try and draw herself?

Veronica: What are you taking pills for?
Desmond: Eh, you know. Life.

Logan: What are you doing?
Dick: Gettin' famous.

Mac: Grade my ass?
Logan: Dot net. Yes. I need to present a viable business plan for a class...

Desmond: Their leftover gum?
Piz: The brand. Extra gum. Sugarless.

Caller: Desmond, you rock. Make sure you play, "You Break Me" tomorrow.
Desmond: Ooooh, yeah. All the old hit. You bet.

Desmond: Nazi gonna happen.

Dick: Don't put the best asses at the top, make people hunt for them.

Mac: And his role in this enterprise?
Dick: Consultant. I'm an ass expert.
Logan: Yes, except for the expert part.

Dick: Who would you ask for advice about lions? A lion or a gerbil?

Wallace: I was hoping we could follow it up with a cuteness countdown of the Baldwin Brothers.
Veronica: I hope we're still friends after I taser you.

Keith: Veronica, could you have Sacks bring me the leg irons?
Veronica: Come on. Dad. Let it be.

Logan: Should I get a camera? There's gotta be someone out there who'd pay to see this hot, nerd on nerd action.

Veronica: Ratnor!

Veronica: That, to me, is a thing that makes you go hmm.
Ratnor: What's the thing that makes you go away?

Desmond: So... d'you solve it?
Veronica: Yes. The answer is, "Danny Cleaver's bag and all my time this weekend." Two things you didn't mean to take, but did.


Karen said...

Paul Rudd was hilarious. The scene where Veronica told him she was eleven was oh so funny.

Where was Parker? Did they say she was out of town for the weekend or something and I missed it? And why did "new responsible Logan" not have his project finished for class when he was supposed to? B/c he was upset about the Veronica/Piz kiss?

And of course GradeMyAss.com will now become a huge hit and Mac and Logan will make a ton of money.

Josh said...

Oh long arcs....how I miss you.