Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gilmore Girls: 7x21

Gilmore Girls
Unto the Breach

Soooo... I cried.

It's ridiculous, but I did. And I can only imagine what this means for me next week. Good grief! I knew I'd be sad, but I wasn't expecting this! I totally had to "take a moment" before I moved on to Veronica...

I was glad to see...

1. Lorelai and Christopher "okay" with one another. Don't get me wrong, I was never, ever a fan of their relationship, but he is Rory's father, which means he'll be around forever. They've got to get through the weird and into the comfortable. (I do hate we won't get to see he and Luke 'fleece it out' or peek in on family gatherings 20 years from now when Luke and Lorelai, Rory and her man and Chris and whoever he ends up with are all there together. I'd love to be part of that family, too.)

2. The promise of Rory and Paris in the future. I really don't think they can get rid of each other - even if they're thousands of miles apart. I LOVE friends like that. Seriously, the scene between the two with Paris and her, "unto the breach" comment... well, let's just say there was some wetness behind the eyes. (I'm guessing this means no Paris in the finale.)

Calling up the emotion...

Here's what I love about a show that does its job (and believe me, Gilmore has had moments it completely missed the mark): people feel something. The writers or the actors touch on an issue or a time or place in life and the audience "gets it." I've had issues this season with Rory's college ups and downs - and I've been there, but it just didn't always hit for me. Tonight, however, with graduation, friends parting ways and packing up to move out of the place you've found yourself (literally and figuratively) in for the last four years, was a rush of emotions. Excitement, sadness, nostalgia, hope... and I got a little glimpse of all those things for Rory. She's right, the world's wide open, and I remember that feeling with fondness. This episode really took me back.

On the Logan front. I hated it. Really, truly hated it for them. I loved Logan. I loved him with Rory. From start to finish their relationship was fun to watch. Somewhere in my mind, I'd love to think they cross paths again someday, but for now, I'm glad they took this road. Rory IS young and she has a whole life out in front of her. Settling her romantically has never been on top of my list. I wanted to know/see Rory go after her dream and her life... and I think that's where they're leaving us. And hey, now we can "choose our own adventure" for her love life. Either she ends up with Logan and that guacamole tree, or she finds another formidable, amazing accomplice later on down the line. Either way, I'm proud of her, too.

Lorelai, on the other hand, DOES need to get her man. (And it looks like she's gonna.) Luke and Lorelai are the only couple on this show that are (or ever have been) "make or break" for me. I think they've shown us from the beginning those two belong together, and even through all the shite we've had to endure, there's never really been any other choice. I'm all about full circle, here. It's time. Lorelai has gone through a journey - one I wasn't always a fan of - but she's FINALLY figured a few things out. Tonight's very thinly veiled argument about "leaning away from yes" and "others need time" or "they're never ready" and "taking a leap of faith" - all that aside, to be able to settle her life, know what she wants, be with Luke... that's a better ending for Lorelai than I could hope for. Like she told Rory, "Someday you'll meet someone and you'll just know it's right. You want want to hesitate, you'll just... know."

I'm interested to see how it all shakes out (the preview gave us a little glimpse) next week, but more than anything, I want to leave my girls knowing they're happy, and where they want to be.

God, I'm getting choked up again.


Karen said...

I think Logan will show up at the graduation reenactment and say that he'd rather have something than nothing.

Cody said...

Glad to see a review of the episode that doesn't include gleeful cheers for Logan's departure... and comments about how it should have happened two years ago.