Monday, May 7, 2007

Spiderman 3

Saw it Friday.

I'm not invested in Spiderman mythology, don't know enough to be outraged or overjoyed. I watch sequels because I feel compelled to see big franchise releases (we're not talking Save the Last Dance II or the like...) through to the end.

I was entertained well enough, but my favorite part of the evening? Trailers for Pirates (I saw a flash of Orlando with a doo-rag. So happy.) and Order of the Phoenix! (Across the Universe looks awesome, too.) I won't lie... I was a little clappy for those two.

As for Spiderman? Hubby wants to know why "evil" Spidey looks like Pete Wentz. (He's not a Wentz fan. At all...)


Sarah said...


My sister saw it and said the same thing about evil Spiderman. Of course she didn't know his name, she just said it was the guy that was putting on eyeliner in the video on my blog.

Josh said...

Ashlee Simpson should have camaro'd as well.