Monday, May 7, 2007

Heroes, Chapter 21

Chapter 21
The Hard Part

I know I say this every week - but I have no clue what just happened. I swear, if I have this on my brain all summer, I'm gonna hunt Tim Kring down.

Things I can grasp...

1. Sylar has mommy issues... and apparently, a soft side. I sort of liked his return to nerdy Gabriel (Does anyone else find they're slightly pulled toward, yet totally repelled by Sylar? Just me? Ooookaaay.) Plus, we got a little more insight into his motives. Cold-blooded killer? Well, only if you're unworthy of your abilities - at least he doesn't have it out for innocents or want to blow up New York. Still, the references to him being President were a bit eerie in light of last week, not to mention the painting in his mother's blood. Kinda rude considering Mother's Day is this week!

2. Mohinder and Molly are the sweetest. And Molls... cool power! Wouldn't it be nice to know where someone was just by thinking of them? Veronica could totally own that ability. And speaking of Mohinder, it dawned on me as a bit strange that Sylar gave him a call... then I thought it through. In last week's future episode, when Nathan was actually shape-shifty Sylar, Mohinder was still around. Sylar (as Nathan) had made him a very important player in the research, tracking, etc. of the "terrorists." Why? Sylar could have easily killed him had he wanted to, but I think he has a strange attachment to Mohinder. As weird and dysfunctional as it is, they understand one another. Think Kate and The Marshall on LOST.

3. Nathan is helping Linderman. Seriously, every week, I change my mind about whether or not I trust him. This week... not so much. Still, I'm thinking he might surprise us come game time... especially if Hiro gets to pass on his knowledge of the future.


1. How did Sylar unfreeze Hiro's time stop?

2. Why does Linderman want to blow up the city? Why does Mama Petrelli agree?

3. Is Mohinder's sister really dead?

4. How did Candice turn the hotel, or whatever that building is, into a funhouse for Micah? And why does Linderman want him? Jessica is gonna be piiiiissed.

Just gushing a little...

I love that all of the Heroes are appearing in New York, coming together for the final event. My trio (Ted, Parkman and HRG) was back in action and made it to the city in time for Bennett to reunite with ClaireBear. Plus, Peter got his new, flammable power.

Next week on Heroes?

Seriously. Who the hell knows.


Josh said...

Clairebear......that all i have to say about this episode.

Paco said...

I have issues with the whole Sylar psyche. First, I was under the impression that Sylar killed people for their powers but NOW they are trying to make it seem that he's killing people with abilities cuz they are unworthy of them? Well, what exactly made them unworthy? That ONE sentence, uttered by him completely shattered my perception of him and im finding it hard to believe that thats the reason why he killed all those people.

He will always be a man that once got a taste of power, wanted more and more and more... reason why he wanted to be the only special person in the future. I cant come to terms with that whole "unworthy of your abilities" thing.

And is it just me, or does HEROES suffer from the same LOST thing in which people in the show either dont ask questions or dont ask the right questions. If I found out my mom knew about the plan to blow up NY and that I have the ability to fly, why wouldnt I ask how she knows all that stuff? I feel like they have just accepted the fact that Mama Petrelli is a strings-puller without asking any questions. Even if you dont get answers, MAKE AN EFFORT!

diana said...

I think Linderman wants to blow up New York so he can step in and become the new hero to the people. Or maybe he wants to reveal these people with special abilities to the world after the explosion to show they can do good..? i don't know.

sylar is such a good villain. i hope he stays throughout the whole show. i think sylar has this very very psycho arrogant attitude. he probably was a loner as a kid and always believed he was more "special" then everyone else even though kids bullied him.. i mean his mom really babies him.

i dunno, that show drives me nuts.

TV Addict said...

Yeah, this show - for some reason, all my favorites - tend to drive me nuts in some way! :) And you're right, paco, Heroes and Lost do suffer from the "wrong question" syndrome. I never really thought about it 'til you said that, but spot on.

Anonymous said...

Ali Locke

I am highly disappointed with the dumbness expressed by everyone at the end of this last episode. I mean they were all just standing there watching Peter start to explode. I just wanted to say, "WTF get him away from Ted or at least Ted should tell him what to do. Don't just stand there and watch. Gaaaah i just hate it when they get all dumb.

And Sylar always said that he wanted to take the powers from people who do not deserve them. Back when he was with Dr. Surresh, Sr. he was his confidant, and when he found out about all the people who wanted to ignore their gift, or who killed themselves or others he was upset. Dr. Surresh was all, let them do what they want. While Sylar was like forget that force them to use their powers properly, or put them to good use.

I think that the mother was a member of the first order. When Linderman was young and vigilant, so she has been with him all along. My friend and I call her Linderman's evil GF.