Monday, May 7, 2007

Brothers and Sisters: 1x21

Brothers and Sisters
Grapes of Wrath

"I'm slightly concerned about them all being here with our investors. The combination of the Walker family, with endless amounts of alcohol..."

And here Holly embodies the theme of last night's episode.

The clan gathers at Tommy's vineyard and, as is customary, makes a fine showing. In more ways than one... And yet, they continue to prove why they're my new favorite family. So what if Sarah's dealing with marriage issues, or Kitty's freaking out about her proposal to the Senator. Who cares if Nora's on a date with a lothario (and having cat fights with Holly), or poor Tommy has to keep them from spewing their crazy in front of potential financiers? They somehow find each other in all the mess... and that's why I love them!

And Kitty. Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. Props to Calista. Her drunken performance was hysterical. I'm not sure how Matthew Rhys got through that scene without breaking. Especially when she started talking about her "secet." (read: secret)

Kevin: How much have you had?
Kitty: I've had sips. Sips! Ohhh, why do I always have to screw things up, Ken?
Kevin: It's... Kevin. And what have you been drinking?
Kitty: Oh, would you stop yelling! It's always blah, blah and... thanks... for the aspen.
Kevin: Aspen?
Kitty: (laughing) No, I had such a bad headache and...
Kevin: Aspirin. What aspirin?
Kitty: Uh... I don't know. It's aspirin. It was in your new kee, kee, kee kit.
Kevin: How many did you take? How many did you take?
Kitty: No, that was it.
Kevin: How many did you take?
Kitty: I took... I took three because it was really bad. Do you know...
Kevin: Okay, these...
Kitty: Shush! Robert is so mad at me.
Kevin: Kitty, these aren't aspirin. They're prescription pain killers from when I threw my back out.
Kitty: Oh, well then what are they doing pretending to be aspirin!?
Kevin: Because I don't have children, okay, I didn't think I'd have to childproof my kit. Now you need to lie down and drink some water. You're gonna be fine.
Kitty: It's not my fault that you don't have children!
Kevin: Kitty!
Kitty: Now, stop it. You relax. You should just let me suffer because I'm a horrible person.
Kevin: Come on, let's go.
Kitty: How many people do you know, ask somebody to marry them and then take it back?
Kevin: What? Who... who asked who to marry them?
Kitty: What?
Kevin: No, who?
Kitty: Yeah.
Kevin: Who asked who to marry them?
Kitty: Oh. Who?
Kevin: Who asked who to marry them?
Kitty: To... uh.. Robert! Robert. Dumb. I asked Robert to marry me and he would have said yes, except that he's in D.C. and I'm here. Oh, you... you better shush, shush, shush! 'Cause it's a secet. Can't tell anybody. Kevin. Kevin. Especially Sarah. No. Awww... no, seriously, when I look at you sometimes, I remember when you were just... (pinches his cheeks and makes baby noises)
Kevin: Kitty! Kitty!
Kitty: A baby!
Kevin: Kitty!
Kitty: What?
Kevin: Are you gonna marry McAlister?
Kitty: You know what I need to do?
Kevin: What?
Kitty: I need to put my head down.
Kevin: Kitty.
Kitty: I just need a second.
Kevin: Kitty!
Kitty: I'll be right back, I'll be right back.

Of course, Kevin holds in the "secet" for about 10 minutes before spilling it to the group: "I didn't say that. I don't know why I say these things, it's like I have Tourette's."

So, while they head to the cellar for a Walker summit, Holly takes some time to scheme on Nora's date. You know, to get back at Nora for taking Rebecca in - by acting like a petulant teenager. Still, Nora's not at her most mature... and the food fight begins! The Nora/Holly relationship is weird in the first place, but the fight and the laughter and the ensuing, slightly tender, moment between the two over losing William - somehow works. Even when Holly leaves us - and Nora - with an ominous phrase: "Can I say something that you don't want to hear? You don't want my daughter living in your house."

Which brings me to Joe. He's taking the cold shoulder like a man, but one has to wonder why he's not sharing the truth about what happened between him and Rebecca. Of course, I'm sure it has to come out in a rush, just in time for the finale, so I'll sit back and enjoy the show.

Morning after joys are the best. Kitty figures out that Kevin spilled the beans, Nora breaks up with her boyfriend - before he's actually her boyfriend, Tommy gets his investor because "you gotta be crazy to make good wine!" and then... to pull them all together, the way only the Walkers can: Something's wrong with Julia... the twins are only 29 weeks... fade to black.

And is it just me, or did the music for next week's, "very special Brothers and Sisters," sound like the preview for an after school special?


Paco said...

I dont think Joe is spilling the beans cuz maybe he just doesnt wanna be "that" guy who cheats and then goes and blames the other person. He knows what he did, he knows that while he may not be completely at fault trying to make it Rebeccas fault might do more harm than good and he's just taking responsability for his share of the blame, even if it aint fair. Im actually... admiring how he's handling the situation.

Im on the fence as to whether Justin has the right to be all "u tell her or i'll tell her" cuz... i dont know. its their marriage, but at the same its his sister. its... weird. I dont know how I feel about it... but in the end, Sarah found out thru other means so it doesnt even matter, does it?

TV Addict said...

I'm kind of on the fence about Justin, too. In the end, one of the traits of this family is inserting themselves where they aren't wanted - in each other's lives and elsewhere - so I'm not surprised he did. It's a hard place to be... not sure what I'd have done.