Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm a little bit in love with Gregory House.

Why didn't anyone tell me how FABULOUS this show is?! Okay... so, they did, but still - I'm impressed, if not slightly infatuated. And yeah, I'm only on episode 3 of Season 1, but does that really matter when it comes to love? Sure, the inevitable pain and disappointment will eventually hit, making me want to throw things at the screen. House or Chase or Cameron will piss me off and I'll gnash my teeth in anguish, but through it all... I'll still love them. Because this is one of those shows. You know what I mean.

Hugh Laurie is a riot. LOVE him. It's like I feel his British smarminess radiating from behind the American accent. I'm telling you... people love a sarcastic, smart ass. There's no denying it. No helping or changing it. It's like Veronica Mars said, "Every school has it's obligatory psychotic jackass..." And as she said it, you knew she was totally gonna want him.

I may be new to the show, but as a TV lover, I've seen various HOUSE rumors and plot points as I scoured for info on other shows... so I know a few things. Not many, but a few. Like Chase and Cameron - which I think I'm going to be completely behind, 100%. (Who doesn't want a man with a sexy accent with a face to match?) I know things here and there about Sela Ward. I've even heard tidbits of the most recent season finale - which makes me a little nervous... so I can't wait to follow the story as it goes.

That said... what are some good HOUSE websites? I need to bulk up on my new obsession.


Karen said...

I can't stand sarcastic smart asses.

I am a fan of the House. Politically incorrect humor is the best kind.

Brooke said...

Gosh, I know. Sarcastic smart asses are so hard to deal with. Especially when they're women named Karen. ;)

Karen said...

I'm so very excited about this article.

#1 Even Kristen hasn't ruled out the possibility of VM being picked up as a midseason replacement.

#2 Kristen is totally up for a feature film. Since I think of her as having the most clout of anyone on the cast, I think if she's in he'll be able to get them all.

#3 She is my best friend and I support her in all of her endeavors.

Karen said...

Forgot to link the article...